Mobile 360 MENA Virtual 2020 - Mobile World Live

Mobile 360 MENA Virtual 2020

A Mobile World Live Special Programme in partnership with Mobile 360 MENA 

Our modern day life stands on the shoulders of innovation that came from the Middle East. The region which gave us algebra, irrigation systems, paper and ink, the first hospitals and the first university, furthered our understanding of the sciences, astronomy and architecture by eons. 

Today the MENA region is leading us into a new era of innovation in connectivity, the ripples of which will once again be felt across borders. This is the dawn of the intelligently connected society. 

Mobile 360 MENA and Mobile World Live partner to bring this special virtual program to your screens, convening visionary leaders across the Middle East and North Africa region to examine how operators and governments are using transformative technologies to respond to COVID-19. 

Please click here to download Kenechi Okeleke’s presentation slides.

Day One Opening Remarks

Day One Programme

Day One Closing Remarks

Day Two Opening Remarks

Day Two Programme

Day Two Closing Remarks

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