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MWC16 Highlights video

The Mobile World Live team has covered every inch of the showfloor this week. In ...

MWC16 Keynote Swiftkey

MWC16 Keynote: Swiftkey

Jon Reynolds, Co-Founder & CEO, Swiftkey, presents in the ‘Mobile is Innovation’ keynote session.

MWC16 Keynote See.Sense

MWC16 Keynote: See.Sense

Philip McAleese, CEO, See.Sense, presents in the keynote session entitled ‘Mobile is Innovation’.

MWC16 Keynote Jukedeck

MWC16 Keynote: Jukedeck

Ed Rex, Founder & CEO, Jukedeck, presents in the ‘Mobile is Innovation’ keynote session.

MWC16 Keynote Digital Legends Entertainment

MWC16 Keynote: Digital Legends Entertainment

Xavier Carrillo Costa, Founder & CEO, Digital Legends Entertainment, presents in the keynote session entitled ...

MWC16 Keynote University of Manchester

MWC16 Keynote: University of Manchester

Professor Kostya Novoselov, University of Manchester presents in the keynote session entitled ‘Mobile is Innovation’.

MWC16 Keynote Huawei

MWC16 Keynote: Huawei

Guo Ping, Deputy Chairman & Rotating CEO, Huawei, presents in the keynote session entitled ‘Mobile ...


MWC16 Keynote: GE Digital

William Ruh, SVP & Chief Digital Officer, GE & CEO, GE Digital, presents in the ...


Feature: MWC16 Wednesday highlights

The launch of Xiaomi’s new Mi5 flagship smartphones made headlines on the Wednesday of Mobile ...

MWC16 Keynote MasterCard

MWC16 Keynote: MasterCard

Ann Cairns, President, International Markets, MasterCard, presents in the keynote session entitled ‘Mobile is Digital ...

MWC16 Keynote PayPal

MWC16 Keynote: PayPal

Dan Schulman, President & CEO, PayPal presents in the keynote session entitled ‘Mobile is Connecting ...

MWC16 Keynote Panel Mobile is Commerce

MWC16 Keynote Panel: Mobile is Commerce

Sir Martin Sorrell, Chief Executive, WPP, and Dawn Airey, CEO, Getty Images, join Ina Fried, Senior Editor, ...

MWC16 Keynote Getty Images

MWC16 Keynote: Getty Images

Dawn Airey, CEO, Getty Images, presents in the keynote session entitled ‘Mobile is Commerce’.

MWC16 Keynote WPP

MWC16 Keynote: WPP

Sir. Martin Sorrell, Chief Executive, WPP, presents in the keynote session entitled ‘Mobile is Commerce’.

MWC16 Keynote Stripe

MWC16 Keynote: Stripe

Patrick Collison, Co-Founder & CEO, Stripe presents in the keynote session entitled ‘Mobile is Commerce’.

MWC16 Keynote Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

MWC16 Keynote: Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

Richard Fain, Chairman & CEO, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. presents in the keynote session entitled ...

MWC16 Keynote Cisco

MWC16 Keynote: Cisco

Chuck Robbins, CEO, Cisco, presents in the keynote session entitled ‘Mobile is Transforming Industries’.

MWC16 Keynote Turkcell

MWC16 Keynote: Turkcell

Kaan Terzioğlu, CEO, Turkcell, presents in the keynote session entitled ‘Mobile is Transforming Industries’.

MWC16 Keynote Telenor

MWC16 Keynote: Telenor

Sigve Brekke, President & CEO, Telenor, presents in the keynote session entitled ‘Mobile is Securing ...

MWC16 Keynote UNICEF

MWC16 Keynote: UNICEF

Anthony Lake, Executive Director, UNICEF, presents in the keynote session entitled ‘Mobile is Digital Inclusion’.

MWC16 Keynote Roshan

MWC16 Keynote: Roshan

Karim Khoja, CEO, Roshan, presents in the keynote session entitled ‘Mobile is Digital Inclusion’.

MWC16 Keynote Ford Motor Company

MWC16 Keynote: Ford Motor Company

Mark Fields, President & CEO, Ford Motor Company presents in the keynote session entitled ‘Mobile ...

Qualcomm Lewis Hamilton

Feature: MWC16 Tuesday highlights

F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton landed on MWC on Tuesday – and Mobile World Live was ...

Qualcomm Lewis Hamilton

MWC16 Keynote: Qualcomm/Lewis Hamilton

Full replay of the Qualcomm and Lewis Hamilton keynote on Tuesday night at Mobile World Congress 2016.

MWC16 Keynote Starcom Mediavest Group

MWC16 Keynote: Starcom Mediavest Group

Laura Desmond, CEO, Starcom Mediavest Group, presents in the keynote session entitled ‘Mobile is Media ...

MWC16 Keynote Jukin Media

MWC16 Keynote: Jukin Media

Jonathan Skogmo, Founder & CEO, Jukin Media, presents in the keynote session entitled ‘Mobile is ...

MWC16 Keynote BT Group

MWC16 Keynote: BT Group

Gavin Patterson, CEO, BT Group, presents in the keynote session entitled ‘Mobile is Media Part ...

MWC16 Keynote Turtle Entertainment (ESL)

MWC16 Keynote: Turtle Entertainment (ESL)

Ralf Reichert, CEO, Turtle Entertainment (ESL) presents in the keynote session entitled ‘Mobile is Media ...

MWC16 Keynote BuzzFeed

MWC16 Keynote: BuzzFeed

Jonah Peretti, Founder & CEO, BuzzFeed presents in the keynote session entitled ‘Mobile is Media ...

MWC16 Keynote Telegram

MWC16 Keynote: Telegram

Pavel Durov, Founder & CEO, Telegram presents in the keynote session entitled ‘Mobile is Securing ...

MWC16 Keynote Morpho (Safran)

MWC16 Keynote: Morpho (Safran)

Anne Bouverot, Chair & CEO, Morpho (Safran) presents in the keynote session entitled ‘Mobile is ...

MWC16 Keynote ARM

MWC16 Keynote: ARM

Simon Segars, CEO, ARM presents in the keynote session entitled ‘Mobile is Securing the Digital ...

MWC16 Keynote Mobile is Disruption

MWC16 Keynote: Mobile is Disruption

Ralph de la Vega, Vice Chairman, AT&T Inc., Hans Vestberg, President & CEO, Ericsson, and ...


MWC16 Keynote: Facebook

Highlights of Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote on Monday night at Mobile World Congress 2016.

MWC16 Keynote GSMA Chairman

MWC16 Keynote: GSMA Chairman

Jon Fredrik Baksaas Chairman, GSMA, presents in the keynote session entitled ‘Mobile is Everything’.


Feature: MWC16 Monday highlights

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg stole the headlines on Monday at Congress. Meanwhile the keynote programme kicked ...

MWC16 Keynote Vodafone

MWC16 Keynote: Vodafone

Vittorio Colao, Chief Executive, Vodafone presents in the keynote session entitled ‘Mobile is Everything’

MWC16 Keynote GSMA

MWC16 Keynote: GSMA

Mats Granryd, Director General, GSMA, presents in the keynote session entitled ‘Mobile is Everything’

MWC16 Keynote Telefónica

MWC16 Keynote: Telefónica

César Alierta, Executive Chairman & CEO, Telefónica, presents in the keynote session entitled ‘Mobile is ...


Feature: MWC16 Sunday highlights

Mobile World Live brings you coverage of the big device launches from Huawei, LG and ...


Video Feature: Glomo Awards Preview

The 21st awards event at Mobile World Congress has had a major revamp. Mobile World ...


Video Feature: MWC 2016 Preview

Mobile World Live brings you a sneak peek of what to expect from this year’s show. ...

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mwc report

Analysis: MWC16 wrapup

The GSMA Intelligence and Mobile World Live teams bring you this in-depth analysis of the biggest ...

shutterstock_281935604 iot iot

IoT experts fret over fragmentation

Market fragmentation, perhaps inevitably, was a dominant theme in an MWC session titled Unleashing the ...

FreedomPop 2

Freemium MVNO model a success, claims FreedomPop head

The UK launch of its free MVNO service was a success, said FreedomPop president Nicholas ...

xiaomi mi5

Xiaomi looks to revive growth with flagships

Chinese smartphone player Xiaomi yesterday unveiled its latest flagship smartphones, the Mi5 and Mi5 Pro, as its attempts to turnaround its fortunes after missing its handset target last year.


Getty chief says one in four new images from phones

Dawn Airey may be the CEO of image library Getty Images, but she’s also a ...

under armour

Under Armour learns from “robust community of data”

In light of the controversy over the accuracy of Fitbit’s heart rate monitor, Under Armour’s ...


Gamelab founder talks Apple TV, VR and monetisation

Apple TV’s “ambition is defining the standard of the next-gen home entertainment centre” in which ...


Mobile ad industry still waiting for “revolution”

Martin Sorrell, chief executive of advertising group WPP, bemoaned some shortcomings in his industry that mean mobile advertising is still not taking off as much as it should.

William Ruh

Industrial world prepares to reap digital benefits

The industrial world is set to embrace the internet and digitisation as companies seek to return to the levels of productivity gains they have not seen in a decade.


Roshan CEO opens up on Afghanistan challenges

Karim Khoja, Roshan CEO, urged the global community not to forget the ongoing connectivity issues in Afghanistan, in light of recent problems in other parts of the world.

T-Mobile US 002

T-Mobile US reveals 5G trial plans

T-Mobile US followed rivals Verizon and AT&T by revealing plans to hold field trials for ...

money apps

Stripe gives payments leg-up to startups in emerging markets

Patrick Collison, co-founder and chief executive of US payments company Stripe, used his keynote presentation yesterday to speak about Atlas, a beta product designed to help entrepreneurs based in developing markets “gain access to the same business infrastructure enjoyed by tech companies here in Europe or the US”.


BlackBerry acquires Encription, talks Microsoft and health

BlackBerry acquired UK security firm Encription, bolstering a move into cybersecurity consulting that was also announced here at MWC.


5G to embrace unlicensed bands and Wi-Fi

The 5G technology roadmap will include Wi-Fi and the use of unlicensed spectrum bands, said Nokia’s head of e2e mobile network solutions, Peter Merz.

Qualcomm Lewis Hamilton

Qualcomm looks to pick up Hamilton’s winning ways

Qualcomm used its keynote this evening to talk up its credentials for connected, electric and self-driving ...

gav patt bt

BT chief aims to be at UK 5G forefront

Gavin Patterson, chief executive of BT Group, spelt out ambitious plans to invest in next-generation access technologies – including 5G – following the acquisition of EE, the UK’s largest mobile operator.


EC adds Brazil to partner tally

The European Commission (EC) announced an agreement with Brazil to develop 5G technology, building on similar partnerships with South Korea, China and Japan.


Intel focuses on 5G “beyond the Powerpoint”

Intel’s 5G media event at Congress was full of details about partnerships, products and prototypes, as if ...


Verizon boasts momentum for IoT platform

Verizon said more than 4,000 developers are using ThingSpace, the Internet of Things (IoT) platform that the operator unveiled last October.


Ingenu steps up efforts to build LPWA networks across the globe

Ingenu, the US-based low power wide area (LPWA) network specialist, said it has accelerated the pace of its strategy to build public networks exclusively for machine traffic in markets across the globe.


Telenor CEO calls on operators to embrace Mobile Connect initiative

Telenor CEO Sigve Brekke took to the stage to urge more operators to embrace the ...


GTI shifts to phase two – 5G – after hitting milestones

The Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI), after reaching most of its stated goals, is moving to ...


Orange targets VoLTE and Voice over Wi-Fi; strikes Google partnership

Orange today announced the launch of its first smartphone compatible with VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling, ...

doro phone

Doro updates device line

Senior market focused device maker Doro updated its smartphone and feature phone lines, which will ...


Zuckerberg warns mobile industry not to ignore the unconnected

Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive of Facebook, warned Congress delegates not to overlook the task of connecting some four billion people that still don’t have access to the web.


Ericsson/Cisco partnership on track, insist execs

The importance of the high-profile Ericsson/Cisco partnership was laid bare at the Swedish vendor’s press conference on Monday.

keynote 5g

5G to trigger disruption, claim industry leaders

The next generation of mobile technology will be a key enabler for disrupting traditional business models, claimed a panel of senior industry execs on Monday.


CEOs issue rallying call to drive ‘gigabit economy’

CEOs from the world’s largest mobile operators highlighted the challenges facing the industry over the ...


Ford trumpets new in-vehicle system, “fundamentally rethinks” transportation

Ford is aggressively pursuing opportunities in the mobile space in its quest to “fundamentally rethink transportation”, its CEO, Mark Fields, said in the Mobile is Connected Living keynote.

paypal ceo

Mobile has power to tame transaction fees – PayPal CEO

For billions of people across the world, even the simplest financial transactions can be either extremely timing consuming or very expensive, which PayPal president CEO Dan Schulman said is “just crazy” in a world of high mobile and smartphone penetration.

Traditional Ugandan dancers at the starting point of river Nile.

Industry looks to reduce mobile gender gap

GSMA launched the Connected Women Commitment Initiative, with initial commitments from operator members aiming to connect millions more women in low and middle-income countries by 2020.


ZTE updates Blade smartphone line

Chinese handset player ZTE today unveiled the latest iterations of its Blade smartphone series, announcing ...

Xperia X Colours

Sony debuts latest smartphones

Sony Mobile unveiled its latest additions to the Xperia smartphone line, called Xperia X, alongside ...

android message

Global operators, Google and GSMA strike RCS partnership

A host of global operators, GSMA and Google today announced the launch of a new industry initiative designed to accelerate the availability of Rich Communications Services (RCS).


PayPal changes its mind on NFC

PayPal will announce a shift in its NFC stance this morning with two initiatives – an upgrade to its app that will support the technology and an alliance with Vodafone Group for contactless payments.

Mobile connect image

Mobile Connect availability hits 2B

The GSMA’s Mobile Connect mobile-based authentication solution is now available to some 2 billion customers, the industry association said today.

5G2 jpg

Verizon ramps 5G deployment plans

Verizon upped the stakes in the race to deploy commercial 5G services, with the announcement that it will move to pre-commercial form factors and testing later this year.


AT&T set for $10B business boost

AT&T plans to invest almost $10 billion in 2016 to enhance and expand services for its worldwide business customers.

suri mwcs15

Post-AlcaLu Nokia looks forward to 5G, IoT

Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri used the first major public event since the closing of the ...

samsung image

Samsung sets out stall with 2016 flagships

Samsung again staked its claim on the smartphone crown this evening in Barcelona, unveiling its ...


Alcatel upscales handsets, drops OneTouch brand

Chinese smartphone vendor TCL dropped OneTouch from its device branding, shifting to a simplified Alcatel badge, as it unveiled a revamp to its smartphone line-up with two new and more powerful devices.


Huawei targets business users with MateBook

Huawei launched MateBook, “a two-in-one device” that it said combines “the mobility of a smartphone with the power and productivity of a laptop” and is targeted at enterprise, rather than consumer buyers.


LG aims high with aggressive G5 launch

LG Electronics gave its flagship G5 smartphone a big push yesterday, a launch that the South Korean vendor hopes will put it back in the top bracket of smartphone vendors.


LG set to launch “specialist” smartphones at MWC

LG Electronics will unveil its “specialist” X Series at MWC 2016, which it described as ...

fc pic

MWC 2016 shows off planes, trams and automobiles

This year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC), under the over-arching theme of Mobile is Everything, will ...

aleix valls 1

Barcelona – the first capital of mobile

As Saleha Riaz reports, 2016 is the fifth year for Barcelona as Mobile World Capital, ...


4YFN ignites startup sentiment

4YFN (Four Years From Now), the startup and investor event taking place in parallel with ...


Feature: MWC 2016 – Top 5 themes

Mobile World Congress is back for its eleventh year in Barcelona. Last year’s event drew ...


Mobile World Live TV: Back in Barcelona!

It’s almost time for the doors to open on the world’s biggest annual mobile tech ...