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How to succeed in the IoT – and stay ahead

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a fast-growing market and the global, wide-scale roll-out of IoT-optimized LTE networks such as Cat-M1 and NB-IoT is expected to take IoT deployment and the opportunities it offers to the next level.

According to IDC’s latest IoT spending guide, global spending on the IoT is set to reach $1.1 trillion by 2023, with growth driven by “steady commercial and consumer adoption”. The IoT presents new ways to save money, do things more efficiently, and better meet customer demands and expectations, as well as throwing up fresh opportunities to create innovative products and services and tap into new income streams and business models.

Succeeding in the IoT is not only about the product or service you launch today but also its ability to evolve, scale and grow. This means being ready to onboard new customers, react to trends, and move to where market demand is strongest.

This case study offers best practices for using IoT products and services to transform your business – and your customers’ – in the short- and long-term. One notable trend is that many successful companies are choosing to partner to bring their IoT ambitions to life, as the case studies in this report demonstrate, and this looks set to increase significantly.

Download this case study to understand:

  • The opportunities for new revenues and business models and how to tap them
  • Critical pitfalls to look out for as your business scales and strategies to avoid them
  • How to choose the right connectivity mix and develop a long-term strategy
  • How to tap new data-driven models
  • What you can learn from early adopters who are already succeeding in IoT

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