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How Cross-Domain Tools have Transformed Service Assurance into Automated Assurance

Service assurance has never been simple, but it has become more and more complex with the development of new technologies.

The arrival of 5G, virtualised network functions, cloud-native network functions and software-defined networks are creating enormous new service creation opportunities. These enabling technologies are also creating a fragmented ecosystem that involves multiple networks, IT domains and service providers over which services must be delivered.

New, more complex services will be spun up and shut down dynamically and often rely on innovative systems and technologies for delivery.

The challenge for service assurance across multiple new, digital markets is to allow issues to be tracked from the customer experience to the root cause across a moving landscape of dynamic network resources.

This whitepaper assesses the transformation towards Automated Assurance, discusses the advantages of the approach, and assesses how this new era will provide benefits to both operations and customers.

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