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Get Ready for IoT Edge: The Next Frontier

As the wireless industry moves to 5G, mobile solution providers are gravitating toward distributed architectures which can push computing tasks normally processed in a centralized location or the cloud to the edge of the information path. IoT Edge technology applies that same principle, relying on connected devices to perform various functions closer to the points of the network where data is generated. With IoT Edge, device integration and management, data processing and analytics, and even some level of decision making, can all be handled either at or close to point of origin.

Mobile World Live conducted an online survey of people in the mobile industry to research the future of IoT Edge technology. The survey yielded insights into industry awareness of the technology and the expected pace of uptake.

Read the report to learn about:

  • IoT Edge technology and benefits
  • Expected adoption rates
  • Issues impeding widespread adoption

Please click here to download the report