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Mobile Insights: Asia Focus
The content of a Mobile World Live eBook is created by our team of editorial experts, and co-branded with both the Mobile World Live logo and your company’s logo. Align your brand with a key topic shaping the mobile industry today.

Our innovative, fully responsive eBook design is the perfect showcase for your brand. Take a look at a recent eBook here:

A co-branded Mobile World Live eBook is designed as the complete marketing solution:

  • Generates a high-quality piece of content which can be used time and time again for your marketing purposes.
  • Comes with a full scale, multi-channel marketing campaign, providing a 4 week branding and awareness campaign, through emails, promotion on the Daily Newsletter and a banner advert on MobileWorldLive.com
  • Educates a target audience of your choice.
  • Generates fully qualified opt-in leads that can be contacted.

Promotion of eBook
1 x co-branded email campaign to a targeted audience
1 x weeks of promotion on daily newsletter
2 x weeks MPU banner
Hosted on Mobile World Live
Provision of all data captured
Printed format available upon request

Contact our Sales Team to discuss your requirements further: [email protected]