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Dual Sim – The Route to New eSIM Revenues for Operators

Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) cards have existed since the inception of the mobile industry as the vital means to securely link users and their devices to consumption on the network. With the arrival of eSIM and the increasing popularity of dual SIM devices that enable users to have multiple profiles, operators’ SIM strategies are going through rapid transformation. The good news is that substantial revenue is set to be gained for operators that provide eSIM and support the needs of dual SIM users.

Equally, operators who do not invest in the relevant technology are at risk of being unable to defend themselves against operators who do.

This paper outlines why the limitations of traditional SIMs mean a new approach is necessary. It also details what eSIM offers, how dual SIM demand is driving the change and the advantages for operators who embrace eSIM. It reveals the eSIM revenue opportunities and what those who don’t adopt eSIMs will miss out on.

Please click here to download the whitepaper.