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Developing an edge in 5G services

The stage is being set on the edge of 5G networks for the next major digital transformation. 5G’s ultra-low latency and high-speed connectivity will bring new levels of computing power straight to densely distributed enterprise and consumer devices and sensors.

Edge computing enabled by 5G and global cloud infrastructure will open new opportunities for application developers and software vendors. This promises a flurry of innovation, whether developers are creating applications that harness AI for industry, or powering smarter medical, retail, entertainment or transport services.

Mobile operators are already building out the 5G networks essential to foster the next development in cloud-based computing. The changes afoot could enable mobile operators to move away from delivering commoditized, flat-rate packages of broadband and voice services towards providing customized services for vertical sectors and private networks. But telcos are not alone in pursuing new opportunities in 5G-based edge computing.

Read the white paper Developing an edge in 5G services to learn more about how mobile operators can put in place the ecosystems and infrastructure that will enable them to shape their future service models.

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