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Operator Strategies for Evolving to a Cloud-Native Network Architecture

Mobile operators around the globe are beginning to launch 5G networks and migrate to the next­generation of network services. 5G provides operators with an opportunity to substantially transform their network and embrace a cloud-native architecture. Because many of the network services that operators will be delivering are cloud­based, this will require them to evolve and become more open and agile.

In late summer 2020 Mobile World Live conducted an online survey of mobile and fixed­line network operators, mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) and hardware and software companies to understand the timeline for evolving to a cloud­native network architecture, the role the cloud-native architecture plays in deploying both non­standalone and standalone 5G, and some of the challenges operators believe they face when moving to a cloud­native network.

The survey confirmed the significance that cloud­native architecture plays in the 5G strategies of respondents and also revealed how important this technology is to operating an efficient network.

Please, click here to download the survey report.