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An Introduction to Mobile Journey Marketing and Ogury’s MJM Solutions

Today, when it comes to understanding and engaging consumers on mobile, and generating revenue from mobile apps and websites, organizations’ effectiveness is limited by three critical problems.

  1. An incomplete view of the mobile user journey, as organizations only see what happens inside their own apps, sites or ecosystem.
  2. Complex and poorly integrated consent, data, insights and activation solutions, due to industry-wide marketing tech stack complexity.
  3. Consumer unease towards the lack of transparency on collection and usage of their consent and data.

Ogury, a technology company specialized in Mobile Journey Marketing (MJM) enables organizations to remove these limitations, with an end-to-end, fully integrated consent, data, insights and activation solution. Ogury’s MJM solutions enable organizations to understand the entire mobile user journey, engage with the human behind the screen, and reap the highest returns from digital investments and mobile inventory. All in full compliance with the most stringent user privacy regulations, such as GDPR.

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