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AI on 5G: Delivering Connected Intelligence at the Edge with AI and 5G

Enterprises are using AI in conjunction with network connectivity to automate operations and generate analytical insights that improve products and services. Many are now adding 5G to connect devices to these systems because its high-speed, high-capacity, and ultra-reliable low latency characteristics can enable new use cases for AI or enhance current offerings. Until now, AI and 5G infrastructure have operated on two systems that were built and managed separately. A better and more efficient approach, however, is to integrate AI and 5G on a converged platform that can be deployed on the enterprise premises.

This paper introduces the opportunity to converge AI and 5G at the edge on a single platform. It uses examples drawn from NVIDIA’s customers, products, and solutions to illustrate the role AI plays today in enterprises from the manufacturing, automotive, and smart spaces sectors. The paper describes how enterprises can further advance and improve their applications by adding 5G to their solutions at the edge via an AI-on-5G converged technology stack. The paper suggests steps enterprises can follow to start taking advantage of this new approach.

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