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Advancing Toward a Connected World: The Role of Non-­terrestrial Innovations

Half the world’s population does not have access to the internet, leaving roughly 4 billion people excluded from the socio-economic benefits of connectivity. 600 million cannot connect simply because they live in largely rural areas without access to mobile broadband coverage. The consequences of the digital divide have been starkly revealed by the COVID-19 pandemic, as those without broadband have been unable to work from home, attend school lessons or access healthcare services.

Download the whitepaper to explore:

  • Why mobile network operators, internet service providers, and government regulators must include innovative satellite solutions as part of their strategy for the rest of the world to gain access to life-changing connectivity.
  • How today’s advanced satellite technologies and services play a crucial role in connecting the unconnected, especially in places where terrestrial backhaul is not practical for connecting mobile networks.
  • How the latest innovations in space and on the ground will enable the communications industry to close the digital divide.

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