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Accelerating 5G roll-out with spectrum sharing

The transition to 5G will be unlike any of its predecessors. To deliver the promised high speeds, networks will have to become much denser. The “pioneer” 5G spectrum bands around 3.5 GHz also offer more limited propagation compared with the frequencies allocated to previous generation networks. As 5G will require investment on an unprecedented scale, new models are required to facilitate roll-out, especially to less densely populated rural areas where historically most allocated spectrum has remained unused.

Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) allows new players to use spectrum in areas that mobile operators are not covering, enabling all the 5G pioneer band spectrum to be brought into play at every location more rapidly.  This whitepaper describes how DSA works at regulatory and technical levels and how the technique, which has been proven in the management of Television White Space and CBRS, could accelerate the roll-out of 5G.

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