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ZTE Wins Red Dot Design Award for Intelligent Voice Router and Super Optical Fiber Modem

16 APR 2021

PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation has been rewarded the Red Dot Design Award for its two new Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) products, the Intelligent Voice Router and Super Optical Fiber Modem, in recognition of their unique structural styling and innovative design concept.

The award winning this time marks that ZTE has gained another global design accolade for its CPE products, following the the iF Design Award winning in 2020.

Integrating Aesthetics and Philosophy

The Intelligent Voice Router integrates the functions of a smart speaker and a router to improve the home interactive experiences. In terms of styling design, the product embodies the Chinese philosophy of “round sky and square earth”. Ancient Chinese believed that heaven was like a dome covering the square earth. The full circle at the top indicates the omnidirectional transmission of sound and Wi-Fi signal, while the steady square at the bottom connotes the stable and efficient performance of the product. Taken together, the design achieves a perfect fusion of form and function.

The Super Optical Fiber Modem supports the ultimate “10G” experience in both uplink and downlink. Its overall styling goes beyond the appearance design of common network products. Exquisite lines are used to construct its elegant curved surfaces that impart a smooth and dream-like feel, turning the product into something of a sculpture on the desk.

Combining Life and Technology

ZTE’s CPE products are of industrial designs based on extensive consumer research and an acute sense of design trends. In their expression of user needs, the products combine the “warmth” of life and the “connotation” of technology. ZTE’s continuous technological innovations and design breakthroughs have won it widespread recognition from its global operators. According to the latest report of the research firm Dell’Oro Group, ZTE ranked first for Passive Optical Network (PON) Optical Network Terminal (ONT) shipments in Q4 2020.

The Red Dot Award, initiated in 1955, is considered one of the most prestigious design awards in the world – the other two being the iF Design Award and the IDEA Award – and dubbed the “Oscar” in the design industry. The selection criteria of the Red Dot Award are extremely strict, making the award an internationally recognized mark of creativity in design. Winning the award means that the appearance and texture of a product have received the most authoritative “quality assurance”.



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