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ZTE Widely Carries Out 5G Intelligent Manufacturing Practices

21 APR 2020


Smart Factory in Xinfengming Group

Cooperated with China Mobile Jiaxing Branch, ZTE provides Xinfengming Group a comprehensive digital solution for its filament production operation, by taking advantage of large bandwidth, low latency and mass connection features of 5G. The solution includes applications such as unmanned IGV trolley, 8K high-definition smart monitoring, 5G+AI machine vision for defects detection and 5G wireless data information collection. Empowered by 5G, Xinfengming Group has been able to enhance its production management capabilities, production efficiency, and product quality significantly.

5G+Intelligent Manufacturing with SANY

ZTE has partnered with local operators since May 2019 to build commercial 5G networks and MEC edge cloud systems for SANY Group in cities of Beijing, Changsha, Changshu and Kunshan. It provides the most advanced 5G environment for the intelligent upgrades of SANY to conduct pilots in high-definition surveillance, panoramic VR live broadcasts, industrial data acquisition, cloud AGV, remote excavator, smart mining, etc. The “SANY 5G + Intelligent Manufacture” pilot showcased how 5G could be applied to substantially increase production efficiency. In the near future, new business models of intelligent manufacture will be further explored to promote the industry transformation. 

5G Enabled Smart Port in Tianjin Port

Together with China Unicom and Tianjin Port Group, ZTE deployed a commercial 5G network and MEC edge cloud system at Tianjin Port’s container terminal, and has completed pilots in autonomous driving, remote crane control, customs traffic management and mobile supervision to promote intelligent operation and improve operation efficiency. This solution won the first prize in the 5G Application Design Contest of the 5G World Congress. The port’s traditional private network services will also be gradually switched over to 5G network to optimize stability, reliability and security, as well as explore new business models under 5G.






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