PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation has announced that ZTE’s ZXR10 T8000 cluster router has retained the “Very Strong” overall rating in GlobalData’s IP Core Router Competitive Landscape Assessment and has been raised to “Leader” in the criteria of “Infrastructure Service” and “Network and Service Management”. ZTE’s ZXONE 9700 large-capacity flagship optical transport product has retained the highest rating as “Leader” in the latest Metro-Packet Optical Transport Competitive Landscape Assessment released in July 2022 by GlobalData, an international authoritative telecommunications, software and IT service resource company.

ZXR10 T8000 is rated “Leader” in “Infrastructure Service” and “Network and Service Management”

According to GlobalData’s latest IP Core Router product assessment, ZTE’s ZXR10 T8000 product has been raised to the highest rating of “Leader” in the criteria of “Infrastructure Services” and “Network and Service Management”. The assessment also points out that the ZXR10 T8000 supports flexible line cards and advanced routing technologies, employs open SDN management and control system and has competitive advantages compared with the products of the same type.

The ZXR10 T8000 is ZTE’s high-end flagship router product based on the T-level platform. It adopts 3-level CLOS non-blocking switching architecture and supports ultra-high-speed low-latency non-blocking forwarding. It supports multi-chassis interconnection to build an ultra-large-capacity cluster system. A single device can be smoothly upgraded to a cluster, and increase the equipment capacity linearly and meet the operators’ demands for rapid network bandwidth growth. At the same time, based on the industry-leading SRv6, the ZXR10 T8000 can select the optimal path according to the service intent, network bandwidth and latency, and make intelligent real-time adjustment to precisely meet the differentiated service demands. In addition, this product supports SDN standard protocols such as EVPN, BGP-LS, BGP Flowspec and NETCONF, which can help operators build intelligent interconnected backbone networks in the 5G era.

ZXONE 9700 retains the highest overall rating of “Leader

According to GlobalData’s latest Metro Packet-Optical Transport product assessment, ZTE’s ZXONE 9700 Packet OTN product retains the overall rating of “Leader”, and is also rated “Leader” in the criterion of “Switching Features” and “Client Interfaces” . As an ultra-large-capacity optical transport product at the core/backbone layer, the ZXONE 9700 supports a single-system cross-connect capacity of up to 64T and a single-fiber capacity of up to 96T. With industry-leading 200G/400G transmission performance, it can fully meet the network bandwidth requirements of new service development in the 5G era. At the same time, this product supports the 32-degree OXC system, which can be upgraded to 40 degrees+ in the future to meet the flexible requirements of future network. In addition, the ZXONE9700 supports ODUk/PKT/VC/OSU unified cross-connection, dynamic 2Mbit/s-100Gbit/s adjustment and L0-L3 Service Level Agreement (SLA) on demand. It can provide ultra-broadband high-quality interconnection for all services in the digital transformation era.