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ZTE, Together with Ooredoo, Build the Intelligent Operation Model in the Industry

11 MAY 2020

PARTNER FEATURE: During the first quarter of 2020, ZTE successfully took over the responsibilities for managing the network and customer experience operations of Ooredoo Myanmar Limited, taking a solid step forward in transforming the operation mode together with Ooredoo, to build an intelligent operation model in the industry.

Ooredoo Myanmar Limited (hereinafter referred to as OML), a branch of Ooredoo Group, is one of the Top 3 telecom operators in Myanmar. Focused on continuous improvement of the customer experience when enjoying the internet, Ooredoo wanted to resolutely accelerate the digital transformation of its operations, and selected ZTE to create a solution for maximizing the value of each invested dollar.

Aiming at efficient O&M, excellent experience and maximal value, ZTE’s UniSeer intelligent O&M solution provides a full-lifecycle Managed Service solution. Using VMAX Big Data and AI system for deep network insight, CloudStudio Global Assurance (GA) system for real-time network monitoring and control, complemented by a skilled expert team in global Managed Service delivery, ZTE brings and integrates new operating methods, adapting OML processes, organization and tools to boost comprehensive digital transformation.

ZTE’s UniSeer intelligent O&M system permanently analyses the quality of popular services such as video, gaming, voice, web browsing, etc., and continuously scans and diagnoses the wireless, transmission, core and interfaces elements of OML network.

Figure 2 ZTE’s UniSeer intelligent O&M solution

  • Complete, multi-dimensional, real-time and precise data insight to visualize service and network quality

Together with OML, ZTE introduced a fully digital and automatic service credit portal to make all operation data visible, manageable and controllable. ZTE’s UniSeer intelligent O&M system interconnects with 26 EMS from various equipment vendors of OML, collecting multi-domains data, such as alarms, performance, or configuration data from wireless access, transmission, or core network.

With strong data correlation and programmable visualization capabilities, ZTE O&M team can present in real time the most relevant performance indicators, which best reflect the user experience and network status. ZTE UniSeer solution supports accurate and well-informed decision-making for OML Executives at different levels.

Figure 3 Unified CXO View

  • Multi-dimensional perception insight to improve customer experience

ZTE’s UniSeer intelligent O&M solution allows to implement distinct strategy according to perception insight on the location, type of service, or customer group, enabling OML to focus on the valuable customers, regions and services through intelligent and prioritized allocation of network resources. Using AI algorithms, ZTE’s UniSeer solution can discover and predict 95%+ of the experience problems of valuable users, enabling OML to trigger proactive care actions to improve customer satisfaction, and drastically reduce customer complaints.

  • Converged NOC and SOC

ZTE’s UniSeer intelligent O&M solution makes customer experience measurable, traceable and improvable by converging NOC (Network Operation Center) and SOC (Service Operation Center) through data and process unification. The detailed functions include:

  1. A complete and drillable CEI system to ensure customer experience can be measured and evaluated.
  2. In-depth analysis, location and demarcation of customer experience problems down to the network layer.
  3. Intelligent trend analysis and measurement, to anticipate possible customer experience issues, and initiate proactive care actions and communication.
  4. “one-click” complaint handling function, with instant correlation and Root Cause Analysis, increasing customer complaint handling efficiency by 8 times

Figure 4 Integrated NOC+SOC value chain

  • Improving O&M efficiency and boosting OPEX saving

The Network / Service Operations Center (NSOC), established by ZTE in Myanmar, uses the above mentioned processes and tools to automate operations functions such as incident management, work dispatch, intelligent Root Cause Analysis (RCA), with 30% improvement in O&M efficiency and 100% achievement of the targeted Service Levels.

ZTE’s AI-based CloudStudio GA system intelligently anticipates, analyzes, correlates, filters and compresses the alarms received from a growing number of Network Elements, considerably reducing the number of resulting work orders. The work orders are then dispatched intelligently depending on severity, location, required skills, etc. After work order dispatch, intelligent scheduling is applied to help the field operation engineer to optimize the time on road. Furthermore, fault prediction function based on deep learning will be deployed in the near future to uncover and preventively resolve potential network problems in advance, further reducing O&M workload..

  • Focusing on service value and maximizing return on investment with cost modeling

OML and ZTE further jointly innovated and developed a cost modeling function to maximize return on investment, a first in the industry.

Based on customer experience insight and CAPEX / OPEX data, the cost modelling tool calculates the resources and expenses consumed by different user groups or services, and detects the regions and sites with the highest value, carrying out precise network planning (70% more efficient compared to conventional network planning), to support Ooredoo Myanmar’s network investment decisions and market strategy, maximizing return on investment.

Figure 5 Cost modeling

  • Continuous innovation for excellent business operation

Based on precise insight into the network, services and customer experience, ZTE UniSeer solution further supports OML business operation with additional features such as user profiling, terminal analysis, tethering analysis, etc.

The user profiling function uses the same O&M Big Data to analyze digital behaviors of users, enabling OML to introduce precise marketing activities, specific traffic packages, contents promotion, personalized marketing campaigns, etc.

Moving forward, Ooredoo and ZTE will continue to introduce new functionality and use cases from the Big Data, AI based ZTE UniSeer platform to enhance customer experience, operational performance, network efficiency, and successfully achieve the digital transformation of Ooredoo Myanmar.



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