PARTNER FEATURE: The global chemical fiber industry has entered a key digital transformation period. The current challenges facing the chemical fiber industry in terms of communication include:

  • Traditional network transmission cannot meet the end-to-end low latency, high stability and reliability requirements of the equipment in the workshop.
  • The Group faces complex network structure, high costs of cabling, operation and maintenance, and inadequate security management capability.
  • There are a variety of services in the production workshop, especially some video services (such as HD video surveillance and machine vision) that require high bandwidth, while the traditional network cannot meet the requirements.

ZTE and China Mobile Jiaxing Branch made full use of the large bandwidth, low latency, and large connection features of the 5G technology to provide a comprehensive digital solution for the filament production workshop of Xinfengming Group, building up the first 5G smart textile workshop in the industry.

The workshops carried out comprehensive digital reconstruction and upgrade, including unmanned IGV (Intelligent Guided Vehicle) trolley solution, workshop 8K HD 5G intelligent monitoring solution, machine vision + 5G + AI chemical detection solution as well as 5G wireless data information collection solution. 5G empowerment enhances the production management capability of Xinfengming Group, improves its production efficiency, and promotes its product quality.

This solution won the first prize in the Second “Blooming Cup” National Competition jointly organized by the China Institute of Information and Communication, IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group and China Communication Standardization Association. This case was collected in the “5G Use Cases for Verticals China 2020” White Paper released by GSMA and was highly praised in the industry.

Together with Jiaxing Mobile, ZTE helped Xinfengming Group carry out 5G intelligent reconstruction of the filament production workshop and upgrade the IGV trolley in the workshop. With ultra-low latency and non-dead angle coverage of 5G network, the IGV car can implement real-time communication.

Later, combined with the AI automatic driving technology, it can also implement real-time control of the transportation speed and on-demand adjustment of the transportation route, greatly improving the traffic volume of workshop operations.

In addition, with the ultra-large capacity and ultra-high rate of 5G network, the filament production workshop can greatly increase the maximum number of connected industrial robots, and implement 8K HD video monitoring on the workshop site.

This solution solves problems such as slow transportation speed, fixed transportation routes, small traffic volume of operating vehicles, and a large number of Wi-Fi coverage loopholes, hence significantly improves the production efficiency and management level of enterprise workshops.

In terms of quality detection, the robot not only improves the work efficiency, but also improves the product excellence rate in the 24-hour continuous preventive maintenance. It solves the problem of high missed detection rate and reduces the defective product rate.

In the future, the robot will use this unmanned intelligent detection technology in all nodes of enterprise production. ZTE has always been committed to empowering traditional industries with 5G, and has achieved remarkable achievements in industrial manufacturing.

In addition to the Xinfengming smart workshop, ZTE’s Nanjing Binjiang Smart Manufacturing Base and Changsha Smart Factory have become the industry models, helping manufacturing enterprises such as Sany group and Bluetron which their 5G applications.

In the future, ZTE will continue to innovate and practice, and become an enabler of 5G services and an ecological constructor of 5G, helping industrial manufacturing develop towards green, low-carbon, digital, and intelligent.

ZTE is a world-leading provider of integrated communications solutions. By providing innovative technologies and product solutions for telecom operators and enterprise network customers in 160 countries and regions, ZTE enables users around the world to enjoy all-round communication such as voice, data, multimedia and wireless broadband. At present, it has fully served mainstream global operators and enterprise network customers. With the world’s first large-scale commercial deployment of 5G, ZTE has cooperated with more than 70 operators around the world to help operators and customers in vertical industries to achieve digital transformation and open up a new blue ocean of value.

Xinfengming Group in China is a large-scale enterprise that integrates polyester, spinning, bullet-loading as well as import and export business. Among which its polyester filament ranks second in the world.