ZTE Corporation today announced that it will attend the series of online events of GSMA Thrive Africa starting on 29th, September as a founding partner. Together with the other industry leaders in the global telecommunications sector, ZTE will share its insights on how to build a “digital future” for Africa with cutting-edge technologies represented by 5G, AI, etc.

Thanks to the demographic dividend and the rapid popularization of smart phones, the number of mobile Internet users in Africa is growing rapidly, which has led to a boom of new services such as mobile payment, instant messaging, online streaming media and short video. Africa is now experiencing a critical period of digital transformation and development of digital economy. In the next few years, digital technologies are expected to be the key in improving African people’s quality of life and driving economic development in the region.

Since 1997, ZTE has been contributing to while witnessing the rapid development of the MEA (Middle East and Africa) telecom market. Till now, the company has provided equipment and services to 140 operators in more than 50 countries in the region, with strategic partners including leading multinational telecom groups such as MTN, Airtel, Ooredoo and Vodacom. By introducing 4G and 5G to MEA, ZTE has been committed to improving network coverage and connection quality in the region, constantly consummating the local information infrastructure and inspiring various industries towards digitalization.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the way of production and life of people around the world, making it imperative to boost various industries with digital technologies. As a result, most African countries are seen to be stepping up investment in the communications and information infrastructure, eager to solve the problems that hinder the digital transformation of various industries such as high costs for the Internet and insufficient bandwidth.

As a global leader in telecommunications and information technology, ZTE aims to work with the operators and industry partners in the region to steadily push forward the commercial deployment of 5G, and introduce more innovative applications based on 4G/5G coordination. At the upcoming GSMA Thrive Africa event, ZTE’s Senior Vice President Xiao Ming, Senior Vice President Zhao Peng, and Vice President Wu Jianjun will give their audience a glimpse on the company’s unwavering pace in exploring Africa’s path to digital development and discuss how the African telecom market is being reshaped under the pandemic. Join us on https://www.gsmathrive.com/africa/