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ZTE SVP joins us to elaborate on the 5G Summit – Inspire the Digital Transformation

01 NOV 2022

PRESS RELEASE: 5G Summit & User Congress is ZTE’s largest international annual forum, solely hosted and exhibited by the company. As the event of 2022 is coming on Nov 08-09 with the theme “Inspire the Digital Transformation”, Zhang Jianpeng, SVP of ZTE corporation, shared his perspective on the network, vertical application, and green issues.

Continuous innovation is talked about on how to efficiently deploy the network, how to use the network to its full potential and how to prepare for smooth evolution and future development.

Now there are already 200+ commercial 5G networks on earth. And the rollout is still going on. So, on the one hand, ZTE continues to develop products to make the rollout more convenient and the networks simpler, like the UniSite Neo solution.

On the other hand, with the new 5G layer added, mobile networks have become much more complex and expensive. ZTE will make it easy to use with powerful tools, like the uSmartNet solution. The target is that both user experiences can be guaranteed while network resources can be used in the most efficient way.

At the same time, with the maturity of 5G, more consideration will be given on vertical application and future evolution.

Four years ago, when talking about 5G, it is counted on to empower all industries and change every aspect of life and society. Today, it is needed to review this ambition by sharing accumulated experience and lessons. By first understanding what the actual 5G business status is, ZTE will suggest the necessary efforts to improve it.

For the future, B5G and even 6G are on the way. Together with 50G PON and many other systems and devices planned, ZTE will present its vision for the next generation of communication and personal life.

Vertical application is always a hot but still non-profitable issue. When 5G coverage has become even wider, this event will hold deep discussion on how to meet the expectation of applying its power to every aspect of industry and life.

ZTE is one leading player in this area as it has already cooperated with more than 500 partners to carry out innovation on 5G applications and practices in business. So far about 100 applications based on the 5G platform have been accumulated.

In China, our world-famous Nanjing Binjiang Intelligent Manufacturing Base has already become a pilot factory in industry, which is a typical example of how to empower intelligent manufacturing with 5G.

In Italy, from 2018, even before the auction of the 5G spectrum, ZTE established a Research and Innovation Center together with the local government and University. Now tens of use cases have been verified, including structural health monitoring, smart T-shirt, VR museum, church repair, etc.

In Austria, ZTE’s customer Hutchison Drei Austria has just announced the on-air of the Standalone 5G network. The excellent performance of the network has won us a lot of partners. Private campus networks have been rolled out in pilot factories. With TU Wien and Hutchison Drei Austria, ZTE has verified the industry’s first 5G Auto Clamp, which can significantly increase the efficiency of manufacture.

In general, ZTE is very confident that there is no problem on the technical part. ZTE can provide the best digital platform for its customers and partners. The problem is still how to make a profit, a common headache in the industry. During the event, there will be a dedicated keynote speech and panel discussion on this topic to inspire some sparks of thought.

Green solutions have now become one of the top concerns of many operators with the soaring energy price. While at the same time, 5G is well known for its huge power consumption.

ZTE has been fully aware of that. Green and low-carbon are always the keywords for achieving long-term sustainable development. This event will find improvement brought by hardware, software, and supply chain in the package of ZTE’s GreenPilot solution.

The energy efficiency of ZTE’s new hardware has been improved with the introduction of the latest chipset and innovative design. The AAU to be exhibited is not only the most powerful in the industry but also performs excellently in power consumption. The highly integrated product solution will also enable network deployment with much less cost and waste.

Advanced software features have also been customized to match the equipment.

The whole network will be more friendly to environment with the optimization tool like Radio Composer. This is not PoC or trial, but practical application in the large-scale commercial network.

The concept and practice of Green Engine for the Core Network and green bearer network will also be introduced during the event.

In this, ZTE is not alone on the road. For example, the material now used to manufacture one new STB box can be recycled by more than 90%, which is the result of the management of a green supply chain.

Together with customers and partners, ZTE will always stick to building Digital Economy Boulevard.



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