PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation has demonstrated its NEO (Native Enhanced-Cloud Orchestration) cloud card at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 in Barcelona, Spain. This cloud card has been successfully put into commercial use in early 2023.

ZTE is the first partner stationed in China Mobile DPU Innovation & Open’s open laboratory for DPU innovation. Both parties have carried out in-depth research on the key technology architecture of DPU, and jointly promoted the healthy development of the DPU industry chain from specification to all-round cooperation of the ecosystem.

ZTE’s NEO cloud card can build a new DPU-centric computing architecture to implement unloading and acceleration of virtualization, network, storage, and security while reducing the burden of CPUs and improving overall system performance.

The cloud card can be widely deployed in CT and IT scenarios. In the network cloud scenario, NEO is used to unload computing power and container management to meet the requirements of big flow tables and high forwarding of cloud native applications. In the edge scenario, the plug-and-play, high-integration, and high-security NEO cloud card-based MEC solution can provide diversified cloud resources with different specifications anywhere in the operator’s network, thereby satisfying the requirements of enterprises for differentiated services, and empowering vertical industry applications. In private cloud and public cloud scenarios, cloud-based management of bare metals is implemented through NEO cloud cards, so that bare metals have both the performance of physical machines and the elasticity of virtual machines.

As a leading provider of integrated communications solutions, ZTE has been actively practicing the position of “digital economy”. Aimed to efficiently respond to the diversified requirements of the digital economy for computing power, ZTE has been actively working with operators and partners to make breakthroughs, innovations, and practices in key technologies by focusing on the new DPU-centric computing architecture.