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ZTE pushes ahead with 5G to fight Coronavirus

10 MAR 2020

PARTNER FEATURE: The Coronavirus is accelerating the remote collaboration in various industries such as education, medical care, industrial manufacturing, and logistics. The government will also deepen and widely promote the intelligent management. It puts forward higher requirements for collection, transmission, processing, and application of information in the entire society. The demand and investment of 5G applications in the ICT industry will be further expanded.

Speed construction of 5G network

ZTE works with operators to ensure the construction of the communication network. At the same time, it works with industry partners to deploy innovative applications such as new media, telemedicine, distance education, and security in the 5G industry to fight against COVID-19.

ZTE and the operators jointly completed the communication network construction of the emergency specialty field hospitals across the country, established 5G remote consultation and other emergency network guarantees, built and secured 4G/5G networks at 68 hospitals in 23 provinces across the country, such as Wuhan’s Leishenshan Hospital, Huoshenshan Hospital, Huanggang Dabieshan Regional Medical Center. In 24 hours, the construction of high-definition video conference systems at three key hospitals in Wuhan and 26 designated hospitals was completed. ZTE also cooperated with CCTV and Xinhua News Agency’s live broadcast channel to achieve 24 hours of continuous live broadcast at Wuhan LeiShenshan Hospital.

ZTE 5G is widely used in telemedicine, monitoring, distance education

5G telemedicine has played an important role. ZTE cooperates with local operators in Hubei, Chongqing, Sichuan, Guizhou, Jiangxi and other places to open 5G remote consultation and mobile diagnosis and treatment services. On January 26, the first 5G remote consultation in three locations across the country was realized. In addition to disease treatment, daily psychological counseling services can also be provided.

Based on ZTE’s big data technology, the three major domestic operations can provide itineraries for mass mobile phone users.

ZTE uses temperature measurement equipment that integrates intelligent video, AI, and thermal imaging to release an intelligent video cloud epidemic prevention and control solution. It installs intelligent sensing equipment at key locations for epidemic prevention inspection, reducing manual investment, reducing infection risks and related costs.

The 5G network combines AI, robotics and other technologies to support the indoor distribution of infectious disease rooms and reduce the risk of infection. Unmanned distribution in cities can also be a way for the closed management residents.

Affected by the Coronavirus, schools and educational institutions have launched online courses and implemented distance education. ZTE helped China Mobile launch the home cloud classroom business quickly, and introduces massive and high-quality educational resources.

5G Roll-out will be speed-up

The existing 5G network cannot meet some special applications, and the customization capabilities for different industries are insufficient. To solve these problems, both the construction of 5G networks and the layout of infrastructure such as edge computing must be accelerated. At the same time, it is also necessary to accelerate the construction of 5G SA core networks, supporting network slicing capabilities, network customization and capability opening for applications in different industries.

In addition to the 5G network itself, the basic technology and equipment capabilities related to 5G applications, such as terminals, robots, and AI algorithms, need to be further improved by the whole industry.

Due to the Coronavirus, the communication industry will be affected in the short term, but the overall goals will not change or even be accelerated in the long term. ZTE has the confidence and ability to support operators to accelerate the construction of 5G networks. The Coronavirus outbreak has tested the anti-risk capabilities of Chinese communication vendors and operators. ZTE has demonstrated its overall 5G technical capabilities, product capabilities, and capabilities in network interaction and network security.



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