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ZTE Promotes 5G+ Industry Internet Security Integrated Architecture for Verticals

20 AUG 2020

PARTNER FEATURE: As the key support of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Industry Internet has created a new wave of industrial transformation around the world. A large number of innovative service applications and business models are emerging. Its higher bandwidth, lower latency and more ubiquitous connection requirements will accelerate the pace of 5G construction and commercial use. “4G changes life, 5G changes society!” Both 5G and Industry Internet are the contents of new infrastructure construction. The integration and development are of great significance for accelerating the transformation and upgrade of traditional industries, achieving 5G digital empowerment and facilitating economic development.

However, 5G brings new values and opportunities to the industry Internet and brings new security threats and challenges to the industry Internet. Therefore, in the new situation of integration and development of 5G and Industry Internet, how to build a secure and reliable industry Internet system is the primary problem to be solved in the integration and development of 5G and Industry Internet.

At the 28th GTI Workshop’s 5G Enterprise Network Solutions Forum (5G ENS), Dr. Teng Zhimeng, Chief Engineer of ZTE Cybersecurity Product Department, has recently delivered a keynote speech entitled “5G+ Industry Internet End-To-End Security Solution”, he introduced ZTE’s research results and technical practices in the 5G Industry Internet security field.

5G+ Industry Internet Security Integrated Architecture

The deep integration of new 5G technologies, architectures and services with the industry Internet will fully affect the evolution of the Industry Internet architecture. It will be integrated with 5G at multiple levels such as terminals, networks, data, applications, management and control. Reflects the new characteristics of the 5G era. The network and platform system reforms will inevitably put forward new requirements for the security system and the Industry Internet security will face more arduous challenges.

With in-depth research in the 5G field and deep understanding of Industry Internet requirements, ZTE has proposed an integrated 5G+ Industry Internet security solution to help enterprises build a new-generation Industry Internet with self-adaptation, independent and self-growth intrinsic security capabilities.

ZTE believes that service applications and innovative business models will greatly promote the rapid development of 5G Industry Internet, while also bring huge network security risks to vertical industries. Therefore, it is recommended that an integrated network security architecture be built to meet the challenges. The integrated architecture includes “four systems and one center”. The “four systems” refer to the security technology system, security management system, security operation system and security ecological cooperation system. The “one center” refers to the security operation, management and maintenance center. The security technology, security management system and security operation center work together to build the internal security mechanism of the Industry Internet. The external ecological cooperation system provides technical support for product security governance, network security services, network security threat information, network security standards and best practices in the industry.

Figure: Four Systems One Center as a Cybersecurity Cornerstone on 5G + Industrial Internet

According to Dr. Teng Zhimeng, Industry Internet is a complicated system involving many technologies and partners. Enterprises must take both internal and external consideration and build a unified system architecture based on the PDR model to meet the more severe cyber security challenges. Only the combination of internal mechanisms and external ecology can effectively achieve a unified security architecture with both internal and external considerations.

This architecture combines 5G network security capabilities and customized development of 5G+ Industry Internet security capabilities, It supports trusted user access, end-to-end data security, resource on-demand scheduling, unknown threat detection and security self-adaptive response solutions in an open environment, to meet all-scenario Industry Internet security requirements and provide escort for 5G+ Industry Internet.

Working Together for A New Future of 5G Industry Internet

In 2020, global commercial use of 5G will enter the accelerated path. China’s New Infrastructure Construction Project will enter a new stage of development, including the development of Industry Internet, 5G digital transformation and upgrade. ZTE hopes to work with partners to help customers build 5G Industry Internet security systems based on an integrated architecture. At the same time, relying on the ZTE’s 5G Industry Internet security laboratory, it has accelerated the technical research, program verification and result transformation of new Industry Internet security technologies, new models and new business formats, including IT/OT integration security, scenario -based 5G customized security, zero-trust-based identity management and access control. It will help partners and enterprises to achieve integrated and innovative 5G digital transformation and upgrading and promote the secure development of the 5G Industry Internet industry.



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