PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation has won Leading Lights 2022 “Outstanding Use Case: Edge Computing” Award for its NodeEngine, a unique 5G base station-embedded edge computing solution, in recognition of its significant contributions to digital transformation of various industries, particularly SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises).

SMEs are mostly cost sensitive and are seeking an economical and digital way to increase operation efficiency and save expenses at the same time. Edge computing, which moves most of traditional computing process into edge devices, together with 5G, has become a powerful engine to promote industrial digitization. However, traditional edge computing solution usually requires dedicated equipment room or space, new power supply, additional transmission link, and other auxiliaries, which are too expensive and too slow to deploy, thereby holding many enterprises back in embracing digital transformation.

ZTE NodeEngine, a unique 5G base station-embedded edge computing solution, is an innovative breakthrough. Firstly, it simplifies the deployment of edge computing platform in a plug-and-play fashion within 5G base station, to enable a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises benefit from 5G in a cost-effective way. At the same time, the solution can support industry service requirements with quality of service guarantee. In addition, it has built-in computing power to flexibly match the scalable business requirements, and lay the foundation for the emerging 5G industry applications and IT/CT/OT multi-field technology integration.

Zhejiang Hotel Star Co., Ltd. is a typical SME in China which is specialized in producing medium-end and high-end corrugated cartons. With expansion of production scale, its lagecy WiFi-based private network cannot meet the actual requirements any more. ZTE NodeEngine helps Hotel Star meet requirements of new services such as cloud AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle), data collection, machine vision and electronic fence services, etc. The solution improves equipment utilization ratio by 20%, warehousing management efficiency by 50%, and quality inspection efficiency by 80%. In the meantime, with the improvement of automation level, the labor cost is reduced by 30%.

The application of NodeEngine edge computing solution in Hotel Star provides an excellent example for SMEs to deploy edge computing in a fast and cost-effective way. To date, NodeEngine has been applied in more than 10 industries with over 130 projects, covering various fields such as smart mine, smart manufacturing, smart entertainment, smart neighbourhood and smart mediCare. In the future, the wide application of NodeEngine solution will further accelerate the digital transformation of various industries.