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ZTE launches privacy protection brand for its mobile devices

03 AUG 2022

PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation has officially launched the privacy protection brand for its mobile devices and released the logo of “ZTE Privacy”. ZTE aims to continuously strengthen information security and privacy protection across all ZTE’s products and services, and bring users more secure and intelligent life experiences. The privacy protection logo is inspired by the concept of “Shield” and “Protection”, which signifies ZTE’s commitment to protecting users’ privacy.

ZTE, a global leader to promote the commercial use of 5G technology, provides personal and household smart terminal products for global users, and maintains high growth in its product sales. In 2021, the total terminal products shipments of ZTE had exceeded 100 million units. Especially, ZTE 5G CPEs secured the largest market share across the globe.

ZTE, attaching great importance to privacy protection, has built an end-to-end, closed-loop and process-based compliance system of privacy protection, and integrated the concept of privacy protection into the process of product development as an important connotation of its core competitiveness.

In 2021, ZTE obtained the ISO/IEC 27701:2019 international standard certificate for PIMS (Privacy Information Management System), marking its product data security and privacy protection reached the top level in the field.

Moving forward, with the vision of “Security in DNA, Trust through Transparency”, ZTE will always enhance its privacy security and compliance, to bring its trustworthy cybersecurity capabilities worldwide.








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