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ZTE hosts webinar to unveil 2021 ZTE Cybersecurity White Paper

15 NOV 2021

PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation has hosted an online webinar to discuss the 2021 ZTE Cybersecurity White Paper, which was released on 30 Oct. 2021.

“To encounter ever-changing threats and new challenges, ZTE adheres to the principles of ‘secure by design’ and ‘secure by default’ from the very beginning of product development, and integrates industry standards and best practices into our processes, so that security verification and risk management can be well implemented at every phase of the product lifecycle,” emphasized Antonio Relvas, Cybersecurity Strategy Director of ZTE.

At the webinar, Antonio presented ZTE’s global supply chain. ZTE has selected the most competitive suppliers for its product manufacturing and service integration, and diversified supply resources have greatly enhanced its business continuity and resilience.

“In terms of data protection practices, ZTE adopts the Privacy by Design (PbD) principle to anticipate and respond to data issues from the very beginning,” noted Marco Costantini, Data Protection Officer of ZTE. “Meanwhile, ZTE continues to conduct the Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA), regularly reviews data privacy security and formulates risk-based security policies to better ensure compliance of data and privacy protection.”

As telecommunications networks evolve from 1G to 5G, mature product R&D security management mechanisms have been formed in the industry. ZTE has been committed to improving its security assurance by adopting best practices.

Besides, ZTE continuously implements external independent assessment and certification to practically demonstrate the verifiable security maturity and guarantee to ultimately deliver secure and trustworthy products and services for its customers.



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