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ZTE, China Unicom and Zhongtong Bus win Best New Gamechanger/Innovation Award at BBWF 2020

15 OCT 2020

PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation has announced that ZTE, China Unicom and Zhongtong Bus have won Best New Gamechanger/Innovation Award at Broadband World Forum (BBWF) 2020 for a 5G remote driving solution. It is the industry’s first solution based on the deployment of Multi-service Edge Computing (MEC) functionality on an Optical Line Terminal (OLT). In addition, this solution has just won New Service Innovation Award at Layer 123 World Congress 2020 on October 12, 2020.

To help Zhongtong Bus construct a high-performance, low-cost smart traffic communication system that integrates both wireline and wireless infrastructure, ZTE and the Shandong branch of China Unicom have innovatively employed 5G and Passive Optical Network (PON) technologies to build an FMC-based network of high bandwidth and low latency.

Moreover, they have deployed MEC functionality on the Optical Line Terminal (OLT) in the Access Office (AO) to achieve local forwarding of service data streams and minimize the latency on service paths.

The real-time video backhaul delay of the vehicle and the communication delay between the vehicle control electrical system and the control center are reduced from 30ms to several milliseconds, meeting the requirements of intelligent transportation systems for sub-10ms transmission delay.

Furthermore, ZTE’s innovative solution that builds MEC applications into the OLT, can realize MEC functions while saving AO resources, avoiding complicated AO reconstruction, and facilitating network deployment.

ZTE is committed to the research, development and deployment of innovative solutions for wireline and wireless broadband access. The Zhongtong Bus 5G remote driving project has not only promoted the development of the intelligent transportation sector, but also driven the applications of 5G and MEC technologies in vertical industries.

Moving forward, ZTE will conduct further cooperation with China Unicom and Zhongtong Bus on the applications of its MEC-in-OLT solution in autonomous driving, high-precision positioning, vehicle-road coordination, and other fields.



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