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ZTE and Jazz have successfully launched innovative FDD massive MIMO on large scale

22 NOV 2022

PRESS RELEASE: Jazz, Pakistan’s leading digital operator has successfully deployed ZTE’s 1st 5G technology based 4G FDD massive-MIMO (Multi Input Multi Output) MIMO in their network, resulting in an average network traffic gain of 15% and average single user speed gain of 160%.

As the pioneer digital operator in Pakistan, Jazz has always has been on the forefront of bringing innovative products and solutions to better connect and empower people in digital world. Currently, both 4G users and data traffic in Pakistan have been increasing exponentially with 40% data traffic increase observed in 2021 alone. This demands a more efficient 4G network to cater the growing network capacity requirements and outstanding user experience at the same time. ZTE’s FDD massive MIMO solution is the innovative and efficient way for contemporary 4G network expansion. This pioneering product is flexible to support dual-band (1.8G & 2.1G) with the maximum transmit power of 320 W. Jazz effectively deployed the world’s first ZTE FDD Massive-MIMO solution by initially enabling in the single-band application (1.8G) scenario to maximize the gains while having an option to switch to 2.1G dual band in the future, according to their capacity needs and technology evolution.

ZTE and Jazz put ample focus on technology evolution and performance improvement since the first launch of FDD massive MIMO in 2021.

With the latest released features such as Power Boosting, Re-transmit Resource Block Optimization and Power Amplifier Improvement both network capacity and user experience have drastically improved even over the initial launch.

Till date, ZTE and Jazz have deployed more than 600 FDD Massive MIMO sites with more sites in progress. FDD Massive MIMO is benefitting Jazz network greatly by enhancing network capacity, spectral efficiency and user perception while at the same time delivering efficiency in costs.




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