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ZTE AIVO Digital Operation Solution Realizes AI-empowered Value Operation

01 APR 2020

PARTNER FEATURE: With the acceleration of 5G networks deployment and rapid growth of traffic, operators are facing the challenges of huge and complex network systems and the difficulties in network management and service operation beyond the manual processing capability.

ZTE AIVO (AI Insight Value Operation) solution aims at solving the problems of the operator. Based on the unified big data and AI integration platform, it forms the digital operation sand table and support system, and improves the integrated management capability and efficiency of the operators in planning, maintaining, optimization and operation. On the one hand, AIVO proactively discovers operational problems through a predictable network, service, and user insight, and rapidly improves by end-to-end optimization. On the other hand, by data driving, AIVO realizes the interconnection of the operators’ planning, maintenance and optimization process, integrates the operators’ production requirements into the big data analysis platform, and achieves intelligent closed-loop processing of the full-process services with AI enablement.

ONE foundation: Smart Insight

The AIVO solution provides intelligent insight into telecom data. It integrates full data of all domains with big data and AI technology, and has the capabilities of 100GE big data collection, over 10000 service identification and over 9000 user profile attributes across multi-industries. AIVO can provide three-dimensional insight into network, services and users in terms of quality, value and development.

At the network level, AIVO can automatically identify the poor quality NEs, poor quality cells and value areas, and intelligently predict the network capacity and performance. At the service level, AIVO can report the status of 2G/3G/4G voice service and various data services in real time, and provide the insight of the voice and video quality through second-level slices. At the user level, AIVO builds an intelligent perception evaluation system for each service of each user to accurately evaluate user experience. Based on the user profile, it provides insight into behaviors and preferences of high-value customers and guides personalized smart marketing.

TWO types of integration: Big data and AI integration, network O&M and service O&M integration

Based on ZTE’s intelligent big data platform, the AIVO solution achieves two key conversions: Integration of big data and AI technology and architecture, and integration of network O&M and service O&M.

  • Big data +AI integration: Providing the intelligent big data openness capability

AIVO builds an integrated system including big data platform, AI platform and NM to form a unified data lake and AI capability, and opens the data and AI capability to the outside via OpenAPI, which supports fast customized development and provides intelligent application data service. AIVO supports intelligent operation combining the Homing and Hosting modes. In the Homing mode, through data entering the lake, unified management and modelling, it carries out intelligent training, and releases typical models to the model market. In the Hosting mode, the on-site system obtains the model from the model market, iteratively searches optimization based on the existing network data, and realizes intelligent operation.

  • Network O&M and Service O&M Integration: Providing Integrated and Intelligent O&M Capabilities

AIVO implements interconnection management of the NE layer, network and service management and control layer and service operation layer through data connection and sharing. It has the integrated O&M capability of “unified view, whole domain perception, intelligent closed loop and active O&M”. On the one hand, it provides a unified real-time and customized operation view to support operation decision-making. On the other hand, the system accurately predicts and locates faults by associating all domain perception data, and intelligently solves problems in closed-loop mode by connecting the alarm and work order systems to form the active O&M capability.

THREE major applications: Precise planning and construction, smart & simple maintenance and optimization, and value operation

Based on the large data analysis and AI enablement platform, the AIVO solution continuously creates value for operators in terms of applications of precise planning, intelligent optimization and O&M, and value operation.

Precise planning and construction

AIVO adopts the accurate planning scheme based on the existing 4G network making full use of the existing network and environment information, and outputs the expansion construction scheme with agility through such means as intelligent network prediction, scene-based site selection and value sorting. In actual projects, 50000 cell planning can be completed in half a day. The planned site is simplified by 28% than the initial solution, and the coverage excellence rate can reach 95%.

Smart & simple maintenance and optimization

AIVO provides intelligent and automatic capability, and improves O&M and optimization efficiency in complicated networking. In the VoLTE project, the AIVO solution provides O&M guarantee for VoLTE subscribers over 100 million, and promotes the growth of millions of subscribers each month. In the BS energy-saving project, the AIVO solution is implemented in more than 10000 cells. While keeping the network indices stable, the intelligent power-saving application time of the BS is increased by 80% comparing to the traditional manual power-saving time, and the power consumption is reduced by 10% to achieve the green operation.

Value operation

By big data user profile technology and AI methods, AIVO implements precise marketing, and realizes payload improvement and user development. In practical projects, the AIVO solution can identify potential 5G customers, and implement precise service provisioning and package recommendation for 5G users. Through user migration, hot service and region analysis, and precise marketing of low-traffic users, AIVO helps the customer achieve a payload increase of over 50%, and the conversion rate of the package and terminal recommendation exceeds 30%.

At present, ZTE AIVO digital operation solution has been deployed and applied in more than 30 networks at home and abroad, and has been exploring and practicing digital operation with over 80 partners. With the in-depth integration of big data & AI technology and telecom network operation, the AIVO solution will continue to help operators improve their efficiency and supports telecom operators to achieve service innovation and revenue growth in the new 5G network era.



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