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ZTE 5G IDEA – Industrial Deployment Emulator & Analyzer, wins Glotel 2022 “Driving Digital Transformation” Award

06 DEC 2022

PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation has won Glotel 2022 “Driving Digital Transformation” Award for its 5G IDEA (Industrial Deployment Emulator & Analyzer) solution, the very first emulator & analyzer solution in the mobile industry, in recognition of its contribution to industrial transformation by offering great customization and optimization for users to test a private network and/or service even before its actual deployment.

With the advanced development of 5G, it is the mission of the mobile telecommunication industry to use 5G for digital transformation of the vertical industries, but deploying private 5G can be costly as no precise planning emulation and analyzing tools are really available. ZTE 5G IDEA is an emulator and analyzer for 5G RAN networks and services, with functionalities and features aiming at a variety of industries, such as smart grid, manufacturing, steelmaking, mining and others.

ZTE 5G IDEA tackles three major challenges of private 5G deployment: difficult network industry matching test, difficult service SLA acceptance, and difficult problem identification. It integrates many functions including capability assessment, quality evaluation, and real-time monitoring, perfectly solving challenges such as B2B service simulation test and problem orientation. With 5G IDEA, operators and industry users can know before deployment, rather than after, what the performance of the network will be like with respect to the Service Level Agreement between the operators and the end users.

In addition, ZTE 5G IDEA equipment itself is lightweight and easy to carry, with web application architecture which can be easily used on laptop computer, pad or even smartphones.

In September 2022, ZTE and China Mobile conducted the first trial of 5G IDEA, with three key proof-of-concept tests completed with promising results. The trial proved the product’s ability to support the minimalist WEB UI, industry mainstream business simulation, business quality assessment, automatic output of business quality reports and other major functions, and whether the application business indicators for industry verticals can meet user needs lays a foundation for evaluation. In the future, ZTE will continue to work on integrating AI and machine learning capability for service-network collaboration, which will in turn make industrial digital transformation more intelligent and effective.



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