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ZTE 5G Capabilities Empower Industry’s Private Networks

26 NOV 2020

PARTNER FEATURE: 5G is playing a leading role in the digital economy era, leading the high-quality development of the real economy, increasing the return on investment, and enabling the entire industry to upgrade and changing the society. 5G has become a new driving force for integrated innovation and new information consumption, and a new engine for industrial upgrade and sustainable economic growth.

By innovations in 5G, cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence, ZTE integrates transmission, storage, computing and perception into a high-quality, all-round and technology-leading 5G precision network, thus satisfying the ever-changing industry needs in vertical industries, and empowers private networks in various industries.

The value-driven 5G precision network can precisely trigger industries by providing 5G capabilities to private networks, which is core competitiveness of the 5G precision network to empower various industries. The 5G precision network capabilities include large bandwidth, low latency, high reliability, slicing, precision positioning, and visualized capability measurement.

Firstly, the first batch of commercial industry scenarios has high requirements for uplink bandwidth. Typical examples are high-definition monitoring, remote control, and machine vision, which require uplink bandwidth ranging from several hundreds of megabits to gigabits per second. By deeply integrating FDD and TDD frequency bands, ZTE improves uplink and downlink capacity and shortens latency. At the same time, ZTE makes full use of the flexible frame structure of 4.9G frequency band, by network aggregation and flexible adjustment of uplink/downlink carrier ratio, the system can support 750 M uplink bandwidth, fully meeting the service requirements of machine vision and ultra-HD video live broadcast.

Secondly, for control application scenarios which require low latency, 5G network introduces mini-slot concept in the air interface transmission, so that key data can be transmitted within a shorter period. In addition, key data services (URLLC) can preempt the resources allocated to ordinary data service (eMBB), and enable low delay transmission of key data services as much as possible.

In terms of reliability, with conservative scheduling, 99.999% “one-shot” success rate can be achieved at the expense of partial spectrum efficiency, reducing retransmission and delay. If latency is allowed, 5G networks can also adopt a retransmission mechanism to further improve the success rate.

At the same time, the positioning precision of 5G R16 achieves the meter level, which has reached and exceeded satellite positioning precision. Based on the RF fingerprint positioning algorithm, ZTE’s indoor positioning precision can reach 5 m. The PRB resource reservation’s hard slicing technology is used to guarantee the performance of different service levels. At present, the resource configuration includes five scheduling modes, including two strict modes and three floating modes, which can fully meet the scheduling requirements of various services. In addition, the performance that can be achieved and matched is measurable in visual mode for different service resource configurations.

The 5G precision network capabilities, combined with ZTE’s NodeEngine solution, can help operators and enterprise customers accelerate industrial park digital transformation. Only one computing board needs to be inserted into the base station to unload local traffic, thus achieving the basic requirement for keeping enterprise data within the campus network. The deployment is simple and convenient, which effectively saves the provisioning cost of campus private networks. In addition, various value-added services provided by NodeEngine can help enterprise customers build remote control applications to meet the requirements for issuing 10ms remote control commands and video backhaul within 100ms, and promote the large-scale deployment of various campus applications.

Last year, ZTE has collaborated with industrial partners to explore the path for empowering the 5G industry transformation and upgrade. In the industrial field, ZTE helped SANY Group and Xin Feng Ming Group improve efficiency and quality, and accelerated the transformation towards intelligent manufacturing. In Jiangxi province, ZTE’s 5G river management and monitoring solution achieves green environment. ZTE cooperated with Neusoft, Thailand AIS, and New Oriental to make high-quality medical and educational resources accessible at any time. Holographic interview with Xinhua News Agency, live 5G broadcast of the 2nd National Youth Games in China, provides immersive experiences.

By 5G precision network capabilities, ZTE precisely distinguishes customers’ characteristics in private 5G networks, precisely allocates network resources, and provides industry customers with precise and continuous services. ZTE fully supports the digitalization and intelligent transformation of economy and society.



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