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Xining City Gets Smarter with A “Hyper Brain”

18 NOV 2019

PARTNER FEATURE: Xining City Hyper Brain is also called City Brain, and is actually the Xining City Operation Command Center. With trial operation completed in October 2018, it is the first city operation command center in the province.

Why does Xining City need a Hyper Brain? Because it can effectively streamline government services, improve traffic efficiency and emergency response efficiency, which are the biggest concerns for citizens.

  • Mobile government service makes people’s livelihood more convenient: Accessing government services in Xining City used to be a complicated and time-consuming process involving many service windows. To make government services more easily accessible for the citizens, the Xining Municipal Government launched the “Xining Citizen Hotline” and “Mobile Xining Platform”. The platform consists of service modules including government service, city management and decision making, enabling the citizens to access government services and supervise city operation more easily. The average affair process time is reduced by 40%. Each citizen-reported issue is confirmed by the initiating citizen before being closed. With digital transformation of government services, the citizens become more satisfied with government services, and the efficiency in city management is remarkably improved.
  • Artificial Intelligence makes city traffic more smooth: Xining is a famous tourist city in Northwest of China. From April to September every year, a large number of tourists from other provinces flood into Xining for sightseeing, summer vacation and self-driving tour. This poses a great challenge to the city operation and management of Xining. Xining City Hyper Brain converges the massive video resources of more than 30,000 cameras across the city. Through intelligent video analysis, it detects traffic violations of hundreds of thousands of self-driving tourist vehicles, monitors the density of people in key business circles, analyzes the traffic flow status, and implements precaution and rectification plans, such as traffic signal regulation, temporary closure of roads/areas, reducing traffic pressure and avoiding congestion. After deployment of Xining City Hyper Brain, the average stop times of vehicles in Xining city is reduced by 25%, and the average travel time reduced by 15%, which means smoother traffic and improved image of a tourist city.
  • Intelligent emergency response to disasters more efficiently: Xining is located in the transition zone between the Loess Plateau and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in China. It is one of the provincial capitals that are seriously threatened by geological hazards because of its unique natural environment and geographical conditions, which is prone to natural disasters such as landslides, mountain collapse and debris flows. Based on the net of high-spot video surveillance points and patrol through 5G drones, the Xining City Hyper Brain realizes continuous measurement and analysis of key mountain areas, detects suspicious situations and notifies the emergency department and relevant authorities in real time, so that they can take proactive measures such as hidden hazard removal and evacuation rather than after-even handling. The Intelligent Emergency Response Platform realizes full scene, full connection, full integration of field visualization, cross-departmental transparent command, and improves the efficiency of rescue work.

In the future, Xining City Hyper Brain, powered by more cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and 5G, will have a sounder architecture, enriched contents, and more intelligent city perceptive neural network to accelerate data convergence and make surveillance, analysis and proactive capability more intelligent. It will continue promoting the transformation from city governance to intelligent city management.



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