PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation has announced that it has deepened partnership with TELE System by the new UP1 decoder. Soon in Italy, consumers will be able to enjoy the full package of DTV and Android TV with a single device.

Up1 uses the chipset based on ARM Cortex A35, using 12nm technology. With Ultra High Efficiency level, ARM Cortex-A35 is more focused on energy consumption, providing high performance at low power. Up1 supports AV1 decoding technology, an open video encoding technology developed by Alliance of Open Media Video, designed as an upgrade of Google’s VP9. AV1 can improve the video compression ratio of 4K UHD by more than 30%. Based on the excellent performance of ARM Cortex A35 and AV1 technology, Up1 will help consumers get the most advanced audio-visual multimedia experience.

At the same time, Up1 supports CBS function. CBS technology is the Common Broadcast Stack technology launched by Google, which can shorten Up1’s time-to-market, improve system componentization and software integration efficiency, and help to achieve better content display.

Furthermore, Up1 is the first retail DTV decoder with NETFLIX integrated, allowing NETFLIX subscribers to use Up1 to enjoy this world’s leading video platform, which marks the most important milestone. Now with Up1, watching DVB-T2 Live channels and NETFLIX will need just one box, avoiding the trouble of switching set-top boxes.

Same as usual, with the latest version of Android TV, Up1 could access 6,000+ apps through the Google Play Store. End users can not only enjoy on-demand episodes and movies through Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video etc., listen to their favorite music through Spotify and Deezer, play games with their family for a relaxing time, but also watch DVB-T2 live TV channels.