PRESS RELEASE: Recently, the Layer 123 Global Online Conference was held in London. Mr. Hans Neff, director of the ZTE CTO Group, Mr. Christopher Mulley, Principal Architect of the ZTE CTO Group, and other experts of ZTE, attended the congress and discussed with technical experts in the industry about the new technologies, industries, and ecology of the global evolution of 5G. Many domestic and overseas mainstream operators, renowned consulting institutions, media, and related partners participated in this conference.

Mr. Hans Neff, director of the ZTE CTO Group, delivered a speech entitled “The Essence of Telecommunication – Ultimate Connectivity”, said that the Essence of Telecommunication is to provide connectivity to 2B same as 2C customer, fulfilling their application/service demands to ensure a perfect processing and customer experience, in an efficient, sustainable and flexible way. That means to have the connectivity ideally fitting and adopting to the specific requirements of the services utilizing them.

Hans Neff also expresses the opinion that we will elaborate the key criteria for the “Ultimate Connectivity”, the required building blocks and mechanisms to achieve it, the architecture and the benefits of it. We will show how the application specific SLAs can be mapped to an efficient e2e automated network concept which opens up new business areas, lowers time to market and improves efficiency and sustainability massively.

Mr. Christopher Mulley, Principal Architect of the ZTE CTO Group, participated in a panel session on “Cloud Capabilities and Edge Computing”, Christopher pointed out that MEC (Multi-service Edge Compute) is essential for three reasons: (1) to provide new application for enterprise services; (2) to protect user data by keeping it within the enterprise’s private network and therefore data security; (3) to meet the needs for latency for latency sensitive services, such as required by 5G uRLLC.  Christopher added that for the latency requirement there are 2 aspects: forwarding plane latency and also compute latency (i.e. that some applications need local compute rather than centralized data centre compute, in order to meet application processing requirements).

As a world-leading provider of telecommunications equipment and solutions, ZTE is committed to creating values for customers through continuous technological innovations, providing high-quality end-to-end 5G solutions, implementing innovative 5G solutions, exploring the path of 5G development, and working with global operators and partners to build a new 5G ecosystem.