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One Person, One Car, One Terminal, ZTE WNG Automatic Drive Test Solution Dramatically Improves O&M Efficiency

24 JUN 2019

With the rapid development of wireless networks, more requirements are brought on network quality. Drive Test is an necessary and important means for network construction and optimization, but it also takes up a great proportion of the network O&M cost.

Traditional DT execution requires multiple professionals with multiple expensive technical instruments, and the data obtained requires a large amount of manpower for centralized analysis. The whole test requires high-skilled professionals, high-cost technical instruments and long test period. To make DT more efficient and accurate, while in the meantime reduce OPEX and manpower input, ZTE proposed the WNG (Wireless Network Guardian) automatic DT solution, the DT tasks can be performed by only one person, one car and one terminal. This solution realizes simple test and smart O&M, greatly improves DT efficiency, reduces professional manpower input, and makes useful improvements over traditional solutions in comprehensiveness of test scenarios, voice navigation and historical data analysis.

WNG is an innovative automatic DT solution based on APP+ cloud architecture. It realizes automatic test log collection and analysis report output. The solution releases test task through the cloud management server, and a DT engineer only needs an Android terminal pre-installed with the WNG APP to conduct an automatic test and upload test log to the cloud analysis server.

Compared with traditional DT scheme, WNG is simple to carry, easy to operate, applicable to various scenarios, and its test and analysis process is highly automatic.

WNG solution only requires ordinary commercial terminals to perform DT test, CQT test and voice quality test. Generally, the cloud server releases test task to specified WNG terminal which automatically executes the test task. With simple training, a non-professional personnel is capable of conducting field test tasks, therefore the solution rids of dependence on professional instruments and personnel, each DT task can be completed by one person, one car and one terminal. The WNG test terminal can also provide voice navigation for test route of the corresponding DT task, and automatically identify CQT location to ensure accuracy of the test result.

During a test, the test log collected by terminals is uploaded to the cloud server in real time, the server automatically analyzes the data, and outputs test report after the test is completed. With traditional solution, after collecting DT data, professional engineers need to manually analyze a large amount of data and output reports, the process requires a large amount of manpower and time, while errors may occur in manual statistics. WNG, which automatically analyzes data, outputs reports, completely changes the current method, it also supports customized reports, enables customers to focus on key KPIs, makes DT simple and efficient, and serves effectively for network optimization and quality improvement.

With the development of network optimization, network data collection needs to be more accurate and comprehensive. However, in some special scenarios, such as high-speed railways, high-rise buildings, and certain residential areas, traditional DTs are difficult to obtain network data due to the large size and complexity of test instruments. WNG, with the advantage of portability and automation, is able to help operators scan the network in an all-round way. In addition, WNG can use taxis to perform blind network test, so the operators can draw a complete and accurate “portrait” for the network at a very low cost.

In network construction and optimization, WNG is playing an increasingly important role. For example, in single-site verification, cluster optimization, FAC and PAC acceptance of a network construction phase, WNG has obvious advantages: Within one week, the acceptance test of more than 800 sites can be completed, and more than 1600 copies of DT/CQT reports can be finished. WNG, compared to traditional drive test, manpower can be reduced by 68%, and efficiency is improved by 65%. The solution can help operators achieve faster network acceptance and commercialization process.

With the arrival of 5G, ZTE’s WNG automatic DT solution will continue to help operators achieve high-efficiency operation and maintenance goals, enable operators to take the lead in 5G era and win trust!



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