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Network Reform to Release Full 5G Potential

01 DEC 2021

PARTNER CONTENT: The biggest trend in 2021, as expected, is the fast track of the 5G commercialization. The increasing quantity of launched 5G network and sharply growth of 5G traffic welly prove this trend.Network reform to release Full 5G potential. Recently, Mr Tang Wenhao, the vice resident of ZTE , CTO of Europe and America Region, interviewed with MWL talking in detail ZTE 5G strategy in South America. As one of the world’s leading innovative technology companies, While developing 5G networks in South America, ZTE is also practicing social responsibilities.

Q1: What is the current development of 5G?

A1: ZTE, the 5G Pioneer, has been persistently committed to the 5G commercialization. We will continue to lead the development of 5G technologies. At the same time, ZTE and 5G industry will face two challenges, which are the definite challenges in network development and uncertain challenges of the business model. The biggest trend in 2021, as been expected, is the fast track of the 5G commercialization. The current increasing quantity of launched 5G network and sharp growth of 5G traffic further proves  this trend. With the industry’s development, the 5G terminal is no longer a bottleneck, there are more than 500 5G devices available, and the entry price is of these devices is less than 300 US dollars. Another important indication is that the industry is finally approaching  towards the SA era, which can fully leverage the power of 5G, from all aspects such as mMTC, industry 4.0, V2X, smart city and so on.

Q2: How to develop 5G networks in South America?

A2: The following 5 years will be the critical phase of 5G development in Latin America. According to the estimation by GSMA, either the 5G CAPEX, 5G mobile connections, or the mMTC connections, will greatly increase before 2025. To embrace such a big blue sea, building a competitive and high -value- added 5G network shall be placed  on the schedule, and four aspects must be emphasized including Technology Innovation, Eco-system, Value-added and Green-proven.

Q3: What  role does innovation play in 5G technology?

A3: ZTE’s mission is to connect the world with networks and lead the future through innovation. We have always been convinced that innovation is our core competitiveness. Over the years, we have been investing in R&D, catching up, surmounting in  and leading in 2/3/4G ,  while pioneering in the key innovation in the 5G era. ZTE’s 3GPP 5G SEP is among the top three in the world. The 5G product portfolio launched by ZTE can meet the 5G coverage requirements in all scenarios, and even provide 5G coverage for the high-speed rail exceeding 300km/h per hour and airplane traveling at 1000km/h. Our 5G market share is ranked second globally, and up to now, we have served 200 million users in more than 240 cities. We have also built the world’s largest NSA&SA 5G network in China. We hope to translate the same  mature experience and effect to more customers globally.

Q4: How to integrate the industry chain to support 5G vertical application?

A4: ZTE recognizes that the value of 5G for operators lies not only in traditional mobile broadband services, but also in promoting the Internet of Everything (IoE) and digital transformation of vertical industries. Therefore, ZTE hopes to become a service provider of digital transformation. ZTE considered the new requirements of digital transformation at the beginning of the 5G platform development. One of the major features of vertical industries is the diversified business types. How to meet the business requirements of digital transformation in different industries through one network is our common challenge. The launch of  Full Series of 5G Base Stations, AI-based intelligent network management system, network slicing, MEC, and Node Engine that can be embebbded into the base station level brought about more flexiblility and low-cost network deployment strategy for operators to meet the diversified service requirements of digital transformation.

Q5: What is ZTE’s strategy for social responsibility in 5G Era?

A5: As an enabler of the industrial ecosystem, ZTE explores the application of 5G in vertical industries. ZTE has established partnerships with over 500 industry partners, and has deployed 5G networks in the fields of industry, health care, port, energy and education to facilitate the digital transformation of traditional industries.In addition, we have collaborated and explored with more than 90 operators for 5G applications, such as port private network, virtual holographic communication with Orange,MEC application for smart factory with AIS,and 5G  ecological agriculture application with Hutchison Drei Austriai .

In addition to expanding its industry partners in the industry, ZTE also attaches great importance to social responsibility. Low carbon and environmental protection is a topic of global concern,

ZTE has long committed to developing and deploying green and energy saving networks. The effort has become particularly critical in the emerging 5G era as operators rely on multiple radio access technologies using more RF units, which can significantly increase energy consumption. ZTE takes a holistic approach to reducing energy usage across its entire line of wireless and fixed assets.



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