Banglalink, owned by VEON, the world’s top ten multinational operators provides nationwide mobile network in Bangladesh for more than 36 million users. At the end of 2021, Bangladesh Banglalink together with ZTE started a large-scale modernization project for 4G coverage and capacity expansion.

In the ever increasing demand for multi-technology, multi-band service, tower load & space efficiency is an important factor. The issue becomes a big challenge in shared infrastructure scenario. Thus both operator and OEMs globally has sought for innovation in new equipment design and for factors.

With the acquisition of 2.3GHz to launch LTE TDD technology, which will increase the internet experience by doubling the 4G speed, the challenge of installing the new hardware on tower has become critical. As an effort to mitigate such challenge, Banglalink proactively introduced the latest high-power dual-band 4T ultra broadband RRUs (UBR) solution of ZTE FDD Radio Family. The new UBRs will replace the previous single-band RRUs, and reduce the number of RRUs from 6 to 2 for a three-sector site, saving 75% of tower space and 60% of the load bearing capacity, greatly saving space for OPEX of rental and electricity fees.

In June 2022, Banglalink has commercially deployed the first batch of high-power 4T UBRs, will complete over 1000 sites’ deployment by 2023. In the next few years, the new UBRs will help Banglalink to maintain enhanced internet experience with through faster rollout speed and achieve higher operational efficiencies for OPEX .

ZTE, as trusted partner of Banglalink, will continue to explore the best practice of simplified site solution, optimize network construction and operation costs to support Banglalink ambition for growth.