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“Intelligent Transport” Speeds up Xining’s Traffic

18 NOV 2019

PARTNER FEATURE: Nowadays car ownership generally reflects the consumption level of a city while the traffic situation is closely related to an intelligence level of city management.

During recent years, Xining has sees rapid economy development and ever rising standards of living. However, its unique terrain of double-cross valley, expanding car ownership, low density of road nets, insufficient branch roads and high density of public transportation network together cause frequent traffic congestion. And each summer, tourists flood in, which adds a great pressure to the traffic. As traffic congestion brings problems such as traffic safety and environment pollution that are top concerns of people, relieving traffic pressure becomes a primary task for Xining Municipal Government.

An intelligent transport platform was built based on Xining City Hyper Brain to reduce traffic congestion in an intelligent way. The platform effectively enhances traffic control, which makes the traffic more efficient and safer. As an important part of Xining City Hyper Brain, the intelligent transport platform speeds up traffic for Xining citizens.

Till now, all subsystems including traffic command & dispatch, traffic surveillance, traffic information service and traffic analysis have been all rolled out. Traffic lights optimization, cabling, upgrade of magnetometer detection, and networking of 170 intersections controlled by traffic lights were all completed this year. Traffic congestion has been effectively reduced through optimized traffic system settings, making traffic more convenient and efficient for pedestrians and drivers. An intelligent traffic lights regulation subsystem can remotely control traffic flows, and traffic information displays let citizens know the latest traffic condition in time and adjust routes accordingly, which helps relieving traffic congestion. The intelligent traffic surveillance subsystem, based on the Police Geographic Information System (PGIS) and police positioning system, now integrates 2,200 security video surveillance points, 103 off-site illegal parking monitoring points, e-police devices at 42 intersections (totally 161 cameras) and 12 video surveillance subsystems. With video polling, the command center auto-detects traffic abnormalities such as traffic accidents, and the command center staff can dispatch the nearest police through intercom to settle the issues on site 50% faster, thus greatly improving traffic order.

According to statistics, at main intersections of downtown areas in Xining, the average stop times is reduced by 25%, the average travel time is reduced by 15%, the congestion duration in rush hours is shortened by 13%, and the traffic efficiency is increased by more than 15%. The intelligent transport platform of Xining City Hyper Brain plays a prominent role in reducing traffic congestion and improving the travel environment for the citizens.



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