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China Mobile and ZTE launch the world’s first pilot of 400G QPSK

17 MAR 2023

PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation in partnership with China Mobile, has completed the world’s first 400G QPSK (Quadrature Phase Shift Keying) pilot, accomplishing ultra-high-speed transmission over 2,808km on G.652.D optical fibers and the extreme transmission distance of 5,616km on land cables, making a new record of 400G QPSK transmission without electric regenerators in existing network.

This pilot verifies that the 400G QPSK has become mature and commercially available, and will help China Mobile achieve high-speed 400G interconnection between eastern and western data centers.

Optical networks as the basis of the national “East-data-west-computing” project, requires more bandwidth as the project goes on. Therefore, it is indispensable to upgrade them from 100G to 400G to support long-distance and high-speed interconnection between data centers.

In this pilot, ZTE has supplied the ZXONE 19700, a flagship commercial product for large-capacity optical cross-connect transmission. Based on the industry’s first 400G QPSK module that supports 130G baud rates, this device is equipped with 32-degree OXC and line/tributary-separated electrical cross-connect 400G boards to offer ultra-large-capacity and high-quality interconnection.

China Mobile finally enabled all-optical high-speed interconnection and all-optical flexible scheduling over 2,808km across four provinces (Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hunan, and Guizhou), with a total of 45 OA sections, fully meeting China Mobile’s requirements for ultra-broadband and long-distance transmission of backbone optical networks.

ZTE has always been committed to technological innovation and practical exploration. Moving forward, ZTE will keep working with global operators to build the all-optical base of the computing power network, expecting to boost the evolution of the new-generation optical communications technologies and jointly drive the new growth of the digital economy.



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