PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation together with the Zhejiang Branch of China Mobile, has completed the upgrade of the Virtual Container-Optical Transport Network (VC-OTN) in China Mobile’s existing networks in Wenzhou and Taizhou of Zhejiang province, China.

Also, they have achieved the cross-vendor interoperability of enterprise services, accelerating the construction of all-optical networks and intelligent MAN of China Mobile in Zhejiang. This is the first time for China Mobile to implement the upgrade and the cross-vendor and cross-regional VC-OTN.

In the VC-OTN upgrade solution of China Mobile, ZTE interconnects its devices with those from other mainstream Chinese vendors to verify the VC functions and test the interoperability based on the OTN platform. The VC-OTN upgrade and deployment in the entire Zhejiang province, including the two cities of Wenzhou and Taizhou, enables efficient delivery of enterprise services.

ZTE’s CPE OTN box devices, featuring small size, low power consumption, flexible installation, and automatic service provisioning, are deployed on demand at the end access node in the existing networks to provide flexible service access of different rates.

ZTE offers an intelligent management and control system to work together with the Super Controller of the operator, enabling minute-level end-to-end provisioning in VC-OTN , cross-vendor protection switching and high-reliability transmission. Besides, the network supports evolution towards automation and intelligentization, so as to assist China Mobile in better serving the enterprise customers.

Moving forward, ZTE will keep working with the Zhejiang Branch of China Mobile to further satisfy the needs of enterprise customers for optical networks, thereby boosting the development of their optical networks.