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Chengdu, the 5G Joy City

23 JUN 2022

PARTNER CONTENT: Chinese vendor ZTE, together with China Telecom Chengdu Branch and other partners have been working in the so-called “5G Joy City” project in Chengdu, China, with the main goal of improving the quality of life of Chengdu residents.

As part of this initiative, ZTE and Chengdu Telecom have deployed a high-quality 5G network system through 3D coverage, and have achieved continuous coverage of 5G networks in the main urban area and in-depth coverage of key areas across Chengdu.

On Chunxi Road and Taikoo Li, which are well-known commercial pedestrian streets in the city, the 200MHz bandwidth provides nearly 2 Gbps network speed and the ultimate network experience, while in the Phoenix Mountain Sports Center, 5G is actively preparing for top sports, according to the telecom equipment vendor. ZTE also noted that the Chengdu East Railway Station, the core transportation hub in the southwest region of the country, is the first 5G indoor and outdoor full-coverage railway station in this region, creating the highest number of access users, with more than 200 peak users in a single cell.

As part of this 5G initiative, Sichuan Telecom, ZTE and West China Hospital jointly realized the country’s first 5G remote consultation for COVID-19, and supported “face-to-face” discussions in multiple places with “zero-delay ultra-high-definition” 5G and “same room” surgical guidance in both places. The three parties also jointly realized the first 5G remote inter-provincial CT diagnosis and treatment, Sichuan’s first SICT 5G+ medical robot visit, and Sichuan’s first 5G+VR medical ward round robot “on duty”.

Other areas of focus include 5G applications to boost touristic activities in the region and 5G XR to obtain improvements in the cultural space.

In order to achieve a greener, more beautiful and more ecological urban environment, ZTE and Chengdu Telecom have paid close attention to the exploration of 5G carbon neutrality, and completed the world’s first energy-saving commercial verification based on service navigation in Chengdu. The large-scale deployment of 4G AI intelligent energy saving can save 3.65 million electricity bills annually, while 5G can achieve a 34% increase in AI energy saving based on load forecasting.

Also, ZTE noted that China’s first 5G+ smart supply chain demonstration was built in Chengdu. The vendor said that 5G technology empowers cloud warehouse digital distribution, making smart logistics, warehousing cloud, and digital distribution a reality.

“In 2022, the project will continue to explore in both network and application aspects. In terms of network, Chengdu will innovate and expand application scale in green network, three-dimensional network, autonomous network and other aspects. In terms of applications, we will focus on medical, ecological protection and industrial applications, including in West China Hospital, combining AI and 5G high-precision fusion positioning technology to carry out innovative applications such as patient trajectory positioning and mobile bed positioning,” said Gu Xiang, Vice President of ZTE Corporation.

The executive explained that the 5G network has covered more than 98% of the roads in the main urban area of Chengdu, as well as more than 50 universities, over 20 hospitals, 12 subway lines, 15 transportation hubs, 20 administrative service centers and 20 parks.

Commenting on other smart city initiatives carried out by ZTE in China, Gu said that the company has also cooperated with operators in Beijing, Guangzhou and Dalian to build 5G pilot cities. “The most notable feature of Guangzhou is the dual leadership in network and application, especially in 5G smart transportation (including subway, high-speed rail and bus), there are many innovative technological breakthroughs and applications. In Beijing, while assisting Beijing Mobile to develop high-performance 5G network, ZTE has also been carrying out technological innovation and solution optimization, including the innovation of new indoor SuperMIMO, the implementation of intelligent tools in all scenarios.”



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