PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation reaffirmed its commitment to driving innovation in AI for societal benefit at the AI for Good Summit 2024, recently held at the International Conference Centre in Geneva, Switzerland. As a Gold Sponsor, ZTE’s participation marked its fourth consecutive year of involvement, underscoring the company’s unwavering commitment to driving innovation in AI for the greater good.

The AI for Good Summit 2024 aimed to explore the technical horizons and application potential of artificial intelligence, with a central focus on ensuring equitable benefits for humanity at large. The event featured a diverse array of activities, including keynote presentations, panel discussions and an AI exhibition showcasing the latest innovations. With participation from government and international organization officials, renowned corporate CEOs, academic luminaries, and influential journalists representing major media outlets, the summit attracted audiences from 183 countries and regions across the world.

At its exhibition booth, ZTE showcased a comprehensive portfolio of cutting-edge AI technical solutions. This included intelligent computing infrastructure, the Nebula large model, AI-enabled cases for sustainable development goals, and AI-empowered intelligent manufacturing factories, all of which garnered significant attention from attendees. Additionally, three AI-powered smart terminal products – the Nubia Naked-Eye 3D Pad II, Nubia Z60 Ultra smartphone, and Nubia Flip smartphone – received resounding acclaim from participants for their seamless integration of advanced AI capabilities.

Summer Chen, Vice President and General Manager of Branding and PR Strategies at ZTE, was invited to deliver a speech titled “AI-Powered Communication Networks: Shaping a Sustainable Digital Future” at the SDG stage. In her presentation, she underscored that AI is a core driving force in the construction of efficient, environmentally sustainable, and green communication networks, and shared ZTE’s innovative practices in AI-empowered communication networks, such as AI for intelligent resource allocation, energy management and network operations.

In a subsequent International Telecommunication Union (ITU) interview, Summer Chen emphasized ZTE’s role as a Driver of Digital Economy and its commitment to leveraging AI technology for profound transformations across various industries. She highlighted ZTE’s dedication to fostering international collaboration in promoting the establishment of global AI standards, governmental regulations, and ethical frameworks. Furthermore, Summer Chen reiterated ZTE’s unwavering adherence to the “AI for All” principle — a relentless pursuit to ensure universal access to AI’s conveniences.

ZTE has demonstrated long-standing dedication to AI-based digital transformation. During the summit, as one of the “P2C Champions” of the ITU Partner2Connect Digital Coalition (P2C), ZTE announced its fourth P2C pledge: to collaborate with over 1,000 global partners to explore the boundaries of AI and promote sustainable and inclusive development of the digital economy. Reaffirming this pledge, ZTE will join forces with global partners to overcome challenges and enhance the profound significance of “AI for Good,” paving the way for a more connected, intelligent, and sustainable world.

The AI for Good Summit is an initiative launched by the ITU in 2017, aimed at addressing challenges in leveraging artificial intelligence for the benefit of humanity and accelerating the maturation of AI technology. This year’s summit witnessed an unprecedented level of participation, welcoming the highest number of registered attendees and exhibiting companies in its history. This reflects the growing interest of the international community in the development, application, and governance of AI technology.