PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation has unveiled a new soundbar Set-Top Box (STB) powered by Android TV at BroadcastAsia 2024. The new soundbar STB will also deliver a Dolby Atmos immersive audio experience, revolutionizing home entertainment. 

The soundbar STB powered by Android TV integrates surround speakers and far-field voice control technologies, offering diverse audio-visual entertainment and smart control services essential to a smart home. The innovative product delivers 4K ultra-high-definition television with access to a rich array of content on Google Play, as well as a variety of internet audio and video applications such as YouTube, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video. With a 5-meter far-field voice interaction capability, users can effortlessly query information, operate smart home devices, and control audio-video playback through Google Assistant without using their hands. 

The soundbar STB powered by Android TV not only integrates ZTE’s leading advantages in video technology and intelligent interconnection but will also harness the groundbreaking Dolby Atmos immersive audio for an unparalleled listening experience. With ZTE’s expertise combined with Dolby Atmos, users will be able to enjoy superior depth, clarity, and detail of sound. Dolby Atmos is a pioneering spatial audio technology that offers a premium, multidimensional experience for entertainment, adding layers beyond traditional surround sound.

The soundbar STB will also support Dolby VisionÒ to enable stunning visuals with richer colors and sharper contrasts, revealing surprising details that will bring movies and shows to life.   

* Google, YouTube and Android TV are trademarks of Google LLC.