PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation and MyRepublic, the leading multinational internet service provider, proudly announce the joint launch of the first Wi-Fi 7 product in Indonesia at ZTE Day 2024.  

The launch ceremony, led by Hendra Gunawan, Chief Technology Officer of MyRepublic and Michael Song, General Manager of Fixed & Multimedia Product Oversea Market, and Vice President of ZTE, marks an important milestone in Indonesia’s telecommunications landscape.

ZTE and MyRepublic have collaborated closely to promote technological innovation and commercial implementation of Wi-Fi 7. By promoting Wi-Fi 7 CPE, MyRepublic will bring users an unprecedented high-speed and low-latency network experience. 

On the occasion, Hendra Gunawan, Chief Technology Officer of MyRepublic, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration and the transformative potential of Wi-Fi 7: “We are thrilled to partner with ZTE in bringing the first Wi-Fi 7 CPE to Indonesia. This innovative technology will upgrade users’ bandwidth capacity, minimize latency, and reach significantly more devices, thereby unlocking various new opportunities in the digital world. Combined with XGS-PON technology, it can meet future challenges for greater bandwidth needs and provide much better services using the fiber optic infrastructure. Additionally, this technology is 100% backward compatible with existing Wi-Fi technology, ensuring a smooth transition and an improved user experience.” 

As a new generation of wireless network technology, Wi-Fi 7 has significantly improved transmission speed, coverage range, stability, and intelligence, which can meet the needs of diversified application scenarios such as smart homes, the Internet of Things, and cloud computing in the future.

Michael Song, General Manager of Fixed & Multimedia Product Oversea Market, and Vice President of ZTE, said: “This moment not only marks technological progress but also a giant leap towards a more interconnected future. Wi-Fi 7 offers speed, reliability, and intelligence to reshape our digital experience. Collaborating with MyRepublic, we embark on a journey to empower Indonesia’s individuals, businesses, and communities with this groundbreaking technology. As we progress, let’s remember that true progress lies not just in technology but also in the opportunities it brings and the lives it enhances.”

As a leading global provider of fixed-line products, ZTE is committed to innovating high-quality products. ZTE and MyRepublic have jointly launched the Wi-Fi 7 CPE to overcome the last 10-meter experience bottleneck of  all-optical broadband. This aims to provide Indonesian users with more intelligent and convenient network services, promoting further development of smart home.