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Yota inks Chinese deal for dual-screen device

11 FEB 2015

Devices start-up Yota inked what it claims is “one of the largest transactions in history for the supply of Russian high-tech equipment in the field of consumer electronics to China”, which will see its recently announced YotaPhone2 smartphone launched in the country.

It is working with Potevio, which was described as “among the three largest distributors of mobile electronics in China”, shifting some 36 million devices in 2014. Potevio will sell and implement marketing support for the Yota device.

Announced late last year, Yota said that YotaPhone2 sales have already begun in 20 countries across Europe and the Middle East.

Vladislav Martynov, CEO of Yota, said: “For the Chinese market, we created a special version of YotaPhone2 supporting local LTE frequencies. This version also includes a package of the most popular mobile applications in China and social networks localised and adapted for the second screen.”

Sales will also begin in Latin and North America and Indonesia “very soon”.

YotaPhone 2 is a dual-screen device, which mates a traditional display with an always-on, e-ink screen.


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