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Yahoo debuts Aviate homescreen app

24 JUN 2014

Yahoo introduced an Android homescreen app which provides access to contextually-relevant content provided by the web company.

According to Yahoo, Aviate is intended to “connect you with the information you need at the moment it’s useful”. Apps are automatically organised on the homescreen, and users are provided with relevant information based on information such as location and time.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announced the acquisition of Aviate at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. It uses data including WiFi connection, GPS, accelerometer data, and time to define context.

Developers at Yahoo added machine learning and predictive technologies to Aviate’s software.

New functionality includes alerts if weather has changed and estimated commute times, taking into account traffic.

It also provides one swipe access to functions used on a daily basis, such as alarm clock, weather, calendar and a news summary two times a day.

The most popular contacts of users are placed in the favourites section, which can be accessed by swiping up on the homescreen.

Facebook launched a similar service, Home, in April 2013, giving smartphones a homescreen focusing on services provided by the social network.

However, the technology received a mixed response, with criticisms including that it removes too many core Android features in its quest to create a Facebook-centric user interface.


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