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Wolfspeed GaN ON SiC – Optimized for 5G

5G is coming and the technology choices made today will have a ripple effect on the reliability and robustness of wireless networks for years—even decades—to come. System designers must work from a whole new playbook when it comes to the technologies and infrastructure design needed to deliver the performance and efficiency that 5G demands.

5G requires densification not only on the macro level with the installation of more base stations, but also densification of power on the device level. Temperature, speed, power, efficiency, size and cost become key criteria for selecting a semiconductor technology upon which 5G base stations will be built.

This whitepaper outlines the range of materials choices available to wireless system designers, debates the challenges and benefits each offer in terms of base station design, and contends that gallium nitride on silicon carbide—GaN on SiC—is the clear choice for 5G based on its superior technology characteristics and lifetime total cost of ownership (TCO). It concludes with powerful insights on why Wolfspeed GaN on SiC is the optimal solution for meeting the rigorous demands of 5G.

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