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Why extracting value from CSP data demands cross-domain active intelligence

According to analysis from consulting firm BCG, just 22% of CSPs have successfully delivered a digital transformation initiative. This low rate of success means CSPs are falling behind other industries and are vulnerable to declines in revenue growth and disruption to their businesses from digital players.

The scope of CSPs transformations has significant potential to increase risk as they enact network, operating model, customer experience and digital transformations.

While CSPs’ focus has been on the customer experience and customer journeys, the arrival of 5G, the adoption of edge and cloud computing and the need to integrate systems with customers and partners have driven a new operational model that relies on greater flexibility and openness.

This new whitepaper explores how CSPs now need to engage in new business models and generate new revenues to support their 5G, and later 6G, roll-outs at the same time as upgrading their operations and information technology to meet the new demands of the digital marketplace. This is complex and disruptive to achieve, which is why transformations are taking so long and so many have yet to deliver positive results.

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