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Whitepaper – The ‘silent roamer’ solution for MNOs

The ‘silent roamer’ solution for MNOs

Mobile roaming has suffered from adverse publicity over the years. taisys-whitepaper
The term “bill shock” was coined to describe the phenomenon of excessive mobile data bills following a trip to another country.
Now, large segments of the mobile subscriber base will go to some lengths to avoid using their domestic SIM card while abroad.
These “silent roamers” account for up to 90% of mobile users globally, translating into over US$6 billion in lost revenue annually for mobile operators worldwide. Now, mobile network operators no longer have to accept that some subscribers will never pay for mobile roaming services.
Taisys offers an MNO-centric solution that allows MNOs to be interconnected globally and deliver cross-boundary and interoperable services to customers.

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