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Whitepaper: Implementing the new signaling infrastructure for 5G — Why it’s important and how to get it right

Fifth-generation standalone (5G SA) networks are now coming to fruition, as service providers implement the 3GPP standardised, cloud native, service-based architecture (SBA) in the 5G network core.

This architecture decouples the network’s control and data planes from one another, facilitating a paradigm shift to software defined networks (SDNs). The software-driven approach yields significant operational and business benefits because the network is more modular and flexible, enabling service providers to innovate faster and accelerate time-to-market for new services and features.

This whitepaper looks at this important and irreplaceable network function and seeks to help operators get their network and teams ready to offer 5G SA services; ensure the networks run with optimum agility, stability, scalability, uptime; and quickly introduce new services for different market segments.

Four brief case studies illustrate how the technology is being applied for both greenfield and legacy 5G SA networks.

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